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Historical products

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2018 Nagra TUBE DAC super high-definition digital to analog converter

2018 Nagra CLASSIC PSU Multiple power supply

2018 Nagra HD DAC X  Statement DAC

2017 Nagra HD PREAMP Statement preamplifier

2016 Nagra CLASSIC DAC Digital to Analog Converter

2016 Nagra CLASSIC PREAMP tube line preamplifier

2016 Nagra CLASSIC INT High power solid-state stereo Integrated amplifier

2016 Nagra HD AMP Statement power amplifier

2015 Nagra CLASSIC AMP High power solid-state stereo amplifier

2014 Nagra MPS Multiple Power Supply

2014 Nagra HD-DAC super high-definition digital to analog converter

2013 Nagra Seven two-channel digital recorder

2012 Nagra-PICO Ultra-miniature hand-held digital recorder

2012 Nagra-LINO Hand-held digital audio recorder

2012 Nagra-JAZZ Tube preamplifier

2012 Nagra-MELODY Solid state preamplifier

2011 Nagra-SD Hand-held recorder with extractable media

2009 ARES-ML Simplified version of the ARES-MII

2008 NAGRA VI Six channel digital location recorder

2008 NAGRA LB Two-track broadcast recorder with communication

2007 VPS Phono stage valve pre-amplifier

2007 ARES-MII 2GB version of ARES-M

2006 CD-T / P / C Range of CD players for the high-end range

2005 PSA Pyramid Stereo Amplifier

2005 PMA Pyramid Mono Amplifier

2005 ARES-PII+ FAT 32 and 24 bit version of ARES-PII

2005 ARES-M Ultra miniature hand-held recorder

2005 ARES-BB+ FAT 32 and 24 bit version of ARES-BB

2004 NAGRA V-PP 19″ Rack version of the NAGRA V

2004 ARES-PII Linear replacement for the ARES-P and RCX220

2004 ARES-BB On-the-shoulder version of the ARES-PII

2003 NAGRA DAC D/A converter for the HiFi enthusiast

2002 NAGRA V HD recorder based on removable hard disk

2001 PL-L Simplified high-end pre-amplifier (Line inputs only)

2000 RCX 220 USB version of ARES-P

2000 ARES-P Pocket version of ARES-C

1999 SNST-R HiFi version of the SNST (SNST-revival)

1999 NAGRA DII High Bit rate version (24/96) of NAGRA-D

1999 MPA MOSFET solid state Power Amplifier

1998 VPA Vacuum tube Power Amplifier

1997 PL-P Pre-amplifier (Lampes Phono) first high-end product

1997 ARES-CPP Rack-mount version of the ARES-C

1995 ARES-C PCMCIA recorder

1992 NAGRA-D 4 Channel 24bits Digital recorder

1989 RTU Rotary transport unit (Joint Venture with Honeywell)

1986 PS-1 Playback System for the JBR recorder

1985 NAGRA TATC SMPTE/EBU version of the TA

1984 JBR Junior Body Recorder

1984 IV-STC SMPTE/EBU version of the IV-S

1983 VPR-5 Video portable recorder (Joint venture Ampex)

1981 NAGRA TA Twin Capstan Audio version Studio machine

1979 NAGRA TRVR Transport Rack-montable Voice Recorder

1978 NAGRA TI Twin capstan Instrumentation recorder

1977 SNST Stereo SN for security applications

1977 NAGRAFAX Facsimile weather chart printer

1976 NAGRA-E Economy

1975 NAGRA IS(T) IS two speed

1974 NAGRA IS Light-Weight mono broadcast recorder (Idioten Sicher)

1973 SN-G Slow speed half track SNN full frequency response

1972 SN-S Slow speed half track SN

1972 IV-SJ NAGRA IV Instrumentation

1971 IV-S Version IV Stereophonic

1971 4.2 Improved version IV

1970 NAGRA SNN Body recorder (before radio microphones)

1968 NAGRA IV first recorder to use Silicon transistors

1967 “Crevette” Military recorder for torpedoes

1962 NAGRA III NP with NEOPILOT synchronization

1960 NAGRA SN Serie Noire (prototype)

1957 NAGRA III DC servo controlled electric motor. Germanium transistors

1955 NAGRA II CI with the first printed circuit boards

1953 NAGRA II – NAGRA I with a modulometer

1952 NAGRA I Clockwork motor Tube electronics

1951 NAGRA First prototype


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