The legend continues - Nagra

The legend continues

The legend continue

In a time when a simple phone can make a 4K video recording, it is difficult to travel back to 1951 and imagine the technical breakthrough that Stefan Kudelski made with the Nagra I. For the first time in recording history a single person could carry a high quality recorder on his shoulder and move around freely without heavy equipment or a scientific crew!

The Nagra I, as well as its prestigious siblings simply created a small revolution in the art of sound recording. This invention also changed the face of cinematography, journalism and science. Thus, Nagra and Stefan Kudelski received numerous prestigious awards, the most iconic one being the Oscars® in 1978 and 1991.

Today the legend continues and our company and products are acclaimed around the globe by our industry as well as the press ; our presentation at shows are also highly esteemed. Here is a selected list of our awards:

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Accademy award

1978 and 1990 Academy Award®

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Emmy awards

1984 and 1986 Emmy© Award

CES 2018 awards

2018 CES Innovation Award

30 times winner of BEST SOUND OF SHOW at high-end audio equipment conventions in the past two years.

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