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When Stefan Kudelski gave the name « Nagra » (it will record, in Polish) little did he know that he was actually creating a name used to describe recorders around the world, genuine Nagra or simply other recorders. The invention of the Nagra, the first portable audio recorder changed the world of broadcast radio stations, television, and documentary and of course cinematography. Today Nagra is still on top of its trade and offers genuine recording equipment and headphones designed to achieve the best sonic result in the most difficult environment for years and years: compactness, quality, ruggedness and reliability are still our core values.

The recorders collection Seven VI cinema music Audeze headset

Nagra VII Anniversary

The Nagra VII Anniversary Edition is the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the creation of the very first Nagra recorder in 1951!


Nagra Seven

Nagra recorders are used the world by the top broadcast companies. In fact, we have designed the ultimate Broadcast Swiss Army Knife for journalists, simply called the Nagra Seven.

It features everything you need to flawlessly record, edit and then send your report to your station.


Model I Headphones

Meet Model I, a closed-back model which provides enough isolation to focus on the recording. The Nagra Model I monitoring headphones offer a very wide bandwidth, super accurate timbre.


Nagra Analog Workshop

For decades Nagra meant precision in mechanics, custom-made recording heads, bias, tape alignment. This unique know-how has been cherished and maintained throughout our company history so as to allow us today to offer service and maintenance on legendary units such as the Nagra IV-S or the Nagra TA. You can have your Nagra sent over for maintenance in the US or in Europe and you may also acquire a secondhand Nagra that has been totally refurbished with genuine Nagra new old stock backed by a manufacturer warranty.



Nagra’s mission is to let you experience

the emotion of a live concert at home every day.

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