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The high end collection

70 years of audio innovation at the service of musicians and artists to faithfully convey to you the intentions and the emotions underlying their work.

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Nagra’s origins are founded in the world of analog. For 70 years the name Nagra has been synonymous with analog excellence. Nagra created and defined the category of ultra high-end portable analog recorders – acknowledged at once by both Hollywood and NASA as the pinnacle of fidelity and engineering excellence. This analog legacy manifests today in the introduction of a true reference level LP playback system – the Reference Anniversary Turntable.

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Hd line

Inspired by our decades of designing top high-end equipment, the HD – for High Definition  – range is the embodiment of Nagra’s design, engineering and manufacturing prowess. When we initiated the HD Line our vision was to focus on performance and have no consideration for dimensions, cost or development time. The results are unique products that make use of revolutionary technologies (some patented) to provide a sound that will surpass the expectations of the most demanding music lover.

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Classic line

Inspired by the legendary Nagra recorder that gave these products their unique sound and size, the Classic Line is the essence of Nagra. These devices are compact, refined and based on an engineering approach of “form follows function”. There is nothing fancy or superfluously decorative about them. Each control or button has a function and is derived from the world of professional recording. The build quality, touch and feel are what you would expect from the best Swiss watch makers.


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A true High End set-up will disappear behind the music
to let you immerse yourself in pure feeling and emotion.

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