Nagra ares-c

Manufactured from 1995 to 2003


High performance CODEC Recorder
For radio applications, the NAGRA C-PP development was based on the NAGRA ARES-C digital recorder. It is a standard 19″ rack mount powered from 94 V to 264 V AC, 48 to 63 Hz.

In addition to the standard codec facilities, it also offers the possibility of recording and playing as well as virtual editing, based on a PC flash memory card technology. Entirely software based and no moving parts means it requires no service. For film and video applications, a SMPTE/EBU time code version is available.

Key features

ISDN transmission and communications

Used as a standard CODEC, with onboard EURO-ISDN as well as the US National 1 (Northern Telecom DMS100, AT&T 5ESS) protocols, it communicates using the MPEG (Layer II), G.722 and G.711 compression systems. The NAGRA C-PP can be programmed to automatically receive and record files on FLASH memory PC cards and play back a pre-selected file each time a call is received. In manual mode, the user can connect to any other ISDN codec for transferring his PC Card files or he can communicate directly using the microphone and line inputs. During an “ON AIR” session, the NAGRA C-PP provides a simultaneous mix between microphone and line inputs for the outgoing signal.

Studio applications

When a recorded PC Card is received at the studio, it can be immediately inserted into the NAGRA C-PP for editing or direct transfer to any other digital or analog system.

Digital editor

The NAGRA C-PP features non-destructive, instant random access digital editing capabilities. The editing system is mastered in just a few minutes using an edit screen, jog wheel and front panel transport controls. A simultaneous representation of original and edit tracks is displayed as “tape” that can be “cut and spliced”.





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