Nagra BPS

BPS phono stage preamplifier front

Manufactured from 2009 to 2015

Simple, solid, reliable

The appearance alone of the Nagra BPS phono preamplifier expresses the philosophy behind the development of the unit. Compact: The BPS measures only 110 x 27 x 160 mm (4¼ x 9∕16 x 6¼ inches) and can easily be integrated into any set-up, as close to the tonearm as possible. It is a concentration of stateof-the-art technology.

Simple: Easy connections and a single switch on the front face to enjoy the very best of vinyl records.

Solid, reliable: A typically Nagra construction and finish. Finely brushed anodized aluminium, Swiss build precision.

Once again, timeless Nagra electronic design.

BPS phono stage preamplifier front

A new pinnacle for vinyl discs

A very compact link aimed at the most exclusive installations, the BPS phono preamplifier opens the door to quality vinyl listening of the highest order. Never before has the technology linked to this timeless support achieved such transparency, so naturally in perfectly silent operation. Designed in the same manner and by the same engineering teams as for the renowned  recorders, the Nagra BPS preamplifier is the result of engineering pushed to the limits in every respect. From the conception of the electronic circuits to the final test procedures, everything is  done to assure the same goal: a lively reproduction as close as possible to the true original sound.

In the same line as the prestigious predecessors

The Nagra BPS benefits from successive developments of the previous Nagra preamplifiers, the PL-P and more recently the VPS – both tube based units. The Nagra BPS uses the same principle circuit design, but with transistor technology giving extremely low power consumption, allowing a miniaturization and rationalization of the device. Thanks to this approach, the Nagra BPS is positioned in a competitive place amongst the other preamplifiers of the Nagra range. Associated to the Nagra PL-L line preamplifier and one of the company’s power  amplifiers, the Nagra BPS serves as a system entry offering unequalled neutral and transparent qualities. End-to-end clarity in the pure Nagra tradition.

Elegance of the conception, integrity of behaviour

The preamplification of a signal coming from a turntable is a delicate operation. It requires managing an extremely low level and particularly vulnerable audio signal. This is a problem  that Nagra engineers are confronted with on a regular basis with professional recorders, of which the microphone inputs are also extremely sensitive. The Nagra BPS preamplifier incorporates a group of proven solutions that give it the highest possible integrity in signal management. Sources of potential disturbance have been taken into consideration from the outset. The  schematics have thus been drawn using in-house methods, concentrating on the essential elements and avoiding any superfluous components. An elegant approach benefitting the final  behaviour of the unit.

BPS phono stage preamplifier top

The highest possible performance

Thanks to the minute consumption of the circuits, the Nagra BPS was able to be fitted with a power supply based on a simple battery. An ideal situation in terms of operational silence.
The unit escapes from the traditional mains power supply problems: residual background noise, electromagnetic interference, extra weight and bulky size. The entire electronics of the  Nagra BPS are on a single high quality board, with the shortest possible tracks to carry the signals. The connections are all soldered directly on to the circuit. The electronic component placement has been particularly studied to avoid interactive disturbances. All these cumulative measures assure reaching the highest possible performance and reliability.

BPS phono stage preamplifier back rear

Input transformers “made by Nagra”

The inputs of the BPS preamplifier are equipped with very special transformers, with a magnetic glass-metal core. As with the recorders, it is one of the key pieces of the unit, that the company designs and winds entirely in their own laboratories. Nagra is one of the rare manufacturers in the audio world to have the particular know-how, which they have perfected for
decades: one of the “secrets” leading to the inherent Nagra quality. Thanks to these transformers, which are mounted inside μ-metal magnetic shielding, the Nagra BPS preamplifier has
excellent characteristics in terms of linearity, saturation level and low frequency management.

BPS phono stage preamplifier battery

A totally programmable unit

The market offers a wide range of cartridges designed for turntables, and of differing technologies: Moving coil (MC) and moving magnet (MM). These cartridges have widely varying
characteristics. This diversity is no problem for the Nagra BPS preamplifier, as the unit is totally programmable by the user to obtain a perfect correlation between the load of the cartridge and the circuit. A set of jumpers and loading modules are provided, used depending on the different cartridge characteristics. The inputs can also be switched to floating, that is to say disconnected from the earth, thus avoiding all earth loop problems generating parasitic noise.

Technical specification


Frequency response: 20 Hz (+1dB) at 30 kHz (0dB) RIAA conform
Harmonic distortion: < 0,15%
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 77 dB (ASA A)
Channel separation: Typically 60 dB
Input circuit load: 47 kΩ without load module installed
Loading modules: 6 modules supplied (100, 150, 220, 330, 470 Ω and 1kΩ)
Transformer gain (MC input): Ratio 1:3.54 (+11 dB)
RIAA stage gain 53 dB
Total gain: 64 dB, switchable to 49 dB with internal jumpers
Output level: 2 V
Power consumption: 70 mW
Power supply: 1 battery 9 V type 6LR61 (PP3)
Power consumption: 12,6 W (in 1.6W stand-by mode)
Power supply External: 94-132 V or 188-264V / 44 to 66 Hz
Estimated battery life: Approx. 100 hours



Input connections: RCA-Cinch (gold-plated)
Output connections: RCA-Cinch (gold-plated)
Weight: 480 g (16.9 oz)
Dimension: 110 x 27 x 160 mm (4¼ x 9∕16 x 6¼ inches)

User Manual: 5 languages


Brochures: English/ Français

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BPS phono stage preamplifier front