Nagra IV-SJ

1972 Nagra IV-SJ stereo analog recorder sound 4 speed 2 tracks direct FM direct sonometre precision microphone mesurement intrumentation analysis scientific

The Nagra IV-SJ was introduced in 1972, that is one year after the iconic Nagra IV-S.

The Nagra IV-SJ and IV-S share most of their part and distinctive look.

The Nagra IV-SJ was designer primarily for instrumentation and measurements.

Tape speed and accessory could match  a wide range of application like recording whales or ultrasonic waves.

The Nagra IV-SJ was used extensively in the automotive, aircraft, space industries.

A note for Nagra lovers, though it is close to a Nagra IV-S, it cannot be changed to a Nagra IV-S.

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