Nagra MSA

MSA mosfet stereo amplifier black front

Manufactured from 2010 to 2014

Compact, rational, refined, rigorous / An amplifier so authentically Nagra

For more than half a century, Nagra has designed and built electronics that are un-paralleled else-where. An innovative engineering approach, strict development procedures, manufacturing quality and traditional Swiss finishing: Each Nagra unit represents a new step in audio history.
The Nagra MSA amplifier reflects the Nagra spirit down to the finest detail. Firstly, its aspect: Its compact form finished in beautifully brushed aluminium, the layout of the front panel controls and the modulometer are all typical characteristics of the brand. An indication of a design that is not driven by fashion but by traditions of excellence. A design resulting of the Nagra engineers’ desire to make a concise, ergonomic and timeless piece of electronic, giving to the user as much pleasure years on as the first day.

From an electronic standpoint, the Nagra MSA amplifier adopts a very original approach. It incorporates technology allowing it to go to the limits, in terms of pure audio reproduction, available today. In terms of musicality, transparency, and neutrality, the MSA behaves itself in a very refined manner.
The MSA owes the success of its behaviour, to the control the company has over elegant electronic architecture design. That is to say, highly evolved yet, devoid of artefacts to better concentrate on the operational precision of the unit. The goal is to produce a signal, perfectly amplified in its entirety, on the outputs, without any alteration of its integrity throughout the signal path. This opens the door to reproduction with the highest possible realism, thanks to incomparable know-how.

MSA mosfet stereo amplifier front modulometer grey

Power and stability / For a free and clear musical expression

The Nagra MSA stereo amplifier, offers a power output of 60 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. A value that shows its true dimension under real operating situations, because the manner in which the power is delivered is the most important.

Thanks to its active feedback power supply and its unprecedented conception of the output stages, the Nagra MSA behaves flawlessly under all circumstances. It reacts instantaneously and  remaining perfectly stable even under difficult loading situations. The amplifier is thus able to easily and reliably reproduce the most subtle and violent dynamic changes with which music, by its very nature, is constituted. This is the key to a natural nimble melody, free from any constrictions and any electronic twitching.


MSA back mosfet stereo amplifier XLR RCA

The Nagra MSA feels subjectively that it has power to spare, reserves going beyond the specifications. The imperturbable stability of its circuits allows it to drive all speaker types with ease, even those with a difficult impedance structure.

However, in certain installations, superior power may be desired. The Nagra MSA offers the possibility to bridge the two channels in order to work in monophonic. The amplifier thus doubles its power. In an installation based around two Nagra MSA operating in the bridged mode, 120 watts into 4 ohms per channel is thus possible.

The Nagra MSA also lends itself to bi-amplified installations; its two channels can in fact be decoupled by means of a simple switch.

MSA inside top mosfet stereo amplifier

Like a time piece The idea of perfection to the slightest detail

From many aspects, Nagra chooses paths often different to those followed by the rest of the audio world. Inventor of the portable audio recorder in the mid 20th century, the company hasn’t stopped introducing innovative solutions, giving it a pioneering role in the industry.

The circuits of the Nagra MSA have several original solutions. They distinguish themselves mainly by their power stages designed around a pair of MOSFET transistors mounted in a push-pull configuration and, peculiarly, connected in a common source mode. This design provides great operational precision, and contributes to the stability of the unit. The transistors
are mounted on a large heat-sink on the top of the unit. This complex 3 kg piece is milled from a solid aluminium block. Thanks to the inertia it imposes on thermal peaks of the transistors, it serves as a true energy regulator.

MSA Mosfet stereo amplifier inside top

The switching mode power supply featuring PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuits is also unusual in such equipment. Nagra has perfected this technology over the years in its amplifiers and has adapted it in a particularly advanced way in the Nagra MSA. This highly efficient supply ensures an optimal transport of energy and does not collapse when the load increases. It favours a minimal consumption and it is thus environmentally friendly.

The Nagra MSA is equipped with a convenient automatic start-up and stand-by system which reacts to the presence or absence of an audio signal. As shown in the cover photograph, the amplifier is deliverable with an optional double plate platform, the Nagra VFS, as well as a set of conical feet. Both options serve to better isolate the chassis from external vibrations.

Technical specification


Amplification class: AB
Power: 60 watts RMS stereo 8Ω input 1 or 2 V
120 watts RMS bridged into 4Ω
Bandwidth: 10 Hz – 75 kHz +0/-0.3 dB
Channel separation: Typically 70 dB at 10 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio: 109 dB ASA-A weighted
Harmonic distortion: <0.1%
Input impedance: 50 kΩ
Automatic start: Input signal >10 mV
Security circuits: Disconnect power stages if temperature >60°C (140°F)
D.C. Speaker protection if DC >2.5 V
Monitoring: Front LED blinks if output current >9 A
Power consumption: Max 232 W, in stand-by (auto position) 1 W
Mains power: 100 V, 120 V, 230 V at 50/60 Hz



Input connectors: XLR (Symmetrical)
Loudspeaker terminals: Binding posts (Cables up to 4.2mm, banana plugs 4 mm, spade 6.35 mm)
Dimensions: 280 x 230 x 118 mm (11 x 9 x 4.6 inches) L x D x H
Weight: 9.5 kg (20.9 lbs)

User manuals: English / Français / German


Brochures: English / Français

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