TRVR - Nagra


1979 NAGRA TRVR two 2 tracks analog long duration recorder logging

First introduced in 1979, the TRVR is a two track analogue long duration recorder designed for logging purposes. It is designed to be mounted in standard 19″ rack units. With 4 different tape speeds ranging from 7.5ips to 15/16ips it fits a variety of long duration recording applications. It operates in a vertical position and runs using a pinchwheel-free drive system.

Key features

It incorporates the facility to automatically start a susequent recorder when the tape comes to an end allowing the first truely automated play-out systems for Radio broadcasters.

Also very popular for logging of telephone lines in the security industry, where several TRVR recorders were mounted in parallel to monitor multiple telephone lines symultaneously.

Also polular for dialogue recording for air traffic controllers in airports all over the world.

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