Nagra at Mazzive Sound Productions with Billy Cobham

Recorders - 2022.03.17
Nagra Mazzive Sound studio Billy Cobham record

Billy Cobham with his Nagra DII at Mazzive Sound Productions

Mazzive Sound Productions & Billy Cobham

On March 11 2022, Nagra had a chance to pay a visit to Mazzive Sound Productions. While there, we were able to sit in and listen to a recording session with drummer, Billy Cobham – a true legend, who began playing drums at age 4; his career has spanned 60 years. The decades have seen him play and record with other legends ranging from Horace Silver, Gil Evans, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, The Mahavishnu Orchestra , Quincy Jones and Peter Gabriel, to name just a few. More about him on his Wikipedia page.

Nagra Billy Cobham famous drummer legend

To this day, Billy is a marvel to watch and listen to. The sheer physicality of his technique coupled with subtle nimbleness when called for, continues to impress. An extremely intelligent and truly nice man, he continues to share his talents with students across the globe – something which he has done since the beginning of his career.

Billy has long been a Nagra customer. Some of his projects, now in concept stage, will include the use of his Nagra D recorder (shown below). We anxiously await their coming to fruition.

Thank you to Mazzive Sound and Billy Cobham for a great day.


Nagra Mazzive Sound studio Billy Cobham record Nagra Mazzive Sound studio Billy Cobham record

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  1. Clay Reeves,

    Aloha, this is a very impressive performance. Great to see the Nagra D is still out there. Thanks

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