NAGRA at CES 2019

Hifi - 2019.01.04
CES 2019 las vegas nagra

A very special show ahead of us!
What is more pleasant to start the year than listening to multiple Nagra set-ups instead of just one.
The CES will be the introduction of the first Nagra HD DAC X production unit at a show. We have made some improvements agains the prototypes presented at RMAF and you can hear it for yourself in a super set-up with a pair of Wilson Audio SASHA DAW. The rest of the set-up is provided by our partners Kubala & Sons and Modulum racks.

The second set-up, one could say Lifestyle oriented, is but around the new TUBE DAC and a Classic AMP powering Wilson TUNE TOT. A minimalist set-up with maximum performance and pleasure.
The CES is not only about Hi-Fi but also reaches a broader audience, this is why we will also demonstrate the new Nagra VII Anniversary Edition, together with the superb Josephson Microphones and Audeze headphones.

Join us in room 29-203

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