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Hifi - 2022.09.02
Alma audio san diego nagra wilson hifi set up hd preamp

Fabio Storelli launched the Alma Audio concept 13 years ago in Brazil as German Audio Ltda., an importer and distributor of top audio equipment to Brazil. The business is still in operation and represents elite brands in the market, including Audio Research, YG Acoustics, MSB Technologies, Nagra, and Kubala-Sosna cables. The business is listed as having the most brands with products among the Top 5 reviewed by the largest audio magazine in Latin America and received several press mentions and prizes at Audio Shows in Brazil.

In 2014, Fabio initiated operations in San Diego, CA, starting with a physical space in La Jolla, CA, and, due to lack of proper parking and continuous traffic issues for customers, moved to San Diego, CA in late 2017. Significant investment was made in the new location to develop a “reference room” where the best equipment is showcased. The business now has two fully treated listening rooms where the world’s best audio equipment is demonstrated in a comfortable, spacious environment.

Alma Audio has received numerous accolades since its inception in 2014. The business has received excellent online reviews as well as very favorable press coverage over the years from audio show industry reviews. The high-end audio market is a very specialized one where manufacturers seek absolute perfection in music reproduction at the client’s home, thus producing small batches with the highest regard for quality control, material research, and perfected circuits.


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Alma audio san diego nagra wilson hifi set up hd preamp Alma audio san diego nagra wilson hifi set up hd preamp

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