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Nagra HD DAC

Posted by on 6-18-14

Nagra JAZZ

Posted by on 1-12-14

Nagra Seven

Posted by on 1-1-00


Posted by on 1-22-14

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  • Comparing the Berkeley Alpha DAC Reference Serie DAC and the NAGRA HD DAC will be interesting : Similar pricing but totally opposite approach (Berkley do not play DSD, NAGRA convert everything internally to DSD). Who is right ? :-)

    October 15

  • Hi, I need to choose between the MEZZO and the LINO for SoundDesign, Foley and Ambiances. Which one do you recommend me ?

    October 08

  • Link to find the winners of the Resolution Award NAGRA Seven

    Get the whole picture - and other photos from NAGRA

    October 03

  • Hi,stunnig sound and looks. Tom Kalina

    October 02

  • A very happy Nagra customer! note the new HD DAC

    October 01

  • Retweeted Loneoak Audio (@LoneoakAudio): Our @NAGRAAudio VI brings a smile to my face every time. You really have to hear this thing.

    The NAGRA VI has been designed as the natural successor to the NAGRA-D / DII multi-track digital recorders. Based on a totally new design concept, the hardware of the NAGRA VI is software dependent and can be adapted simply through software.

    October 01

  • Hi Pasqual, we know Nagra and often listen and demo our loudspeakers with Nagra.

    September 30

  • We are pleased to announce the new software version 1.5 for the Nagra Seven, with many new features. Available for download from our web site .....NOW !

    Software version V 1.50 New software version 1.50 inclu…

    September 29

  • Very nice job on your new website. I'm glad to see the full list of current products are now on the site, including the Melody, BPS and the new HD DAC. I can't wait to hear that piece in action. With all your delicate work with recorders and custom transformers, I hope you'll develop a Nagra headphone amplifier soon. This segment of Hi-End audio is growing so rapidly. Regards to everyone at NAGRA AUDIO. David.

    September 29

  • @NAGRAAudio is breaking some borders with the new @HD_DAC &... Just read the review from Srajan Ebaen on 6Moons!

    1/ Sœur Marie Keyrouz "Touba Iahum" 2/ DIego el Cigala "Cancion Para Un Niño En La Calle" from Romance de la Luna Tucumana 3/ Nynke Laverman "De Toek-Toek Tuorren" from Nomade 4/ Aytaç Dogan "Herkes Kendi..." from Deva 5/ Martin Frost "Klezmer Dances" from Dances to a Black Pipe 6/ Johann Melchior M…

    September 28

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