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Classic AMP

Posted by on 5-13-15

Nagra HD DAC

Posted by on 6-18-14

Nagra JAZZ

Posted by on 1-12-14

Nagra Seven

Posted by on 5-1-15

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  • AV Showroom Gold Show award for best sound
    Congratulations to Viola Audio Labs, Oceanway Audio – Speakers , ZenSati – Cables , Artesian Audio – Racks , Kronos – Turntables , SOtM - Music server and Nagra CD Transport!

    Please visit for the best high performance product videos on the Internet. We are the premier destination for high end audio equip...

    4 hours ago

  • Ken Kessler wrote a HIGH END Show report on the Telegraph!

    Ken Kessler gets an audio epiphany at Munich's High End Show, sampling one of the best systems he's ever heard

    June 16


    Par Claude Bonard Dans cet article, je vous propose de découvrir sept brefs portraits qui rappellent que des personnalités polonaises exceptionnelles établies en Suisse ou qui y ont ... Lire la suite

    June 10

  • NAGRA AUDIO at the HIGH END in MUNICH : LAST DAY via @YouTube

    PRESENTATIONS & FINAL WORD Subscribe for a new video every day Nagra Audio on Facebook :

    May 17

  • NAGRA AUDIO in MUNICH : DAY 2 via @YouTube

    PRESENTATIONS & CLASSIC AMP Subscribe for a new video each day Nagra Audio on Facebook :

    May 16

  • NAGRA AUDIO at the HIGH END in Munich : DAY I via @YouTube

    SETUP AND CLASSIC AMP Subscribe for a new video each day Nagra Audio on Facebook :

    May 15

  • New NAGRA monoblocs amplifiers in Münich ! Superb sound. New design !

    Get the whole picture - and other photos from NAGRA

    May 14

  • NAGRA AUDIO at the HIGH END in Munich : 14 - 17 MAY 2015 via @YouTube

    Join us at the HIGH END in Munich, M.O.C. Room E217 and on the web with a new video every day !

    May 05

  • The HD AMP is ready for the HIGH END...are you ready for it?

    May 05

  • HD DAC Review by Alan Sircom in HiFi+

    "We are duty bound to find a downside to any product,
    but in concluding the review of the Nagra HD DAC, I simply
    couldn’t find one. It represents a leap in digital audio
    performance that doesn’t happen that often. It extracts a
    lot from existing 16‑bit, 44.1kHz files, and even shows to a
    high-resolution sceptic what DSD is capable of. OK, if there
    is a shortcoming, it’s that price tag. It’s not overpriced – if
    anything, once you’ve heard what the HD DAC can do, the
    price becomes irrelevant – it’s just that, for me, that price tag
    means I have to put it back in its boxes soon. And I’ll miss it
    greatly. Highly Recommended!"

    April 30

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