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Nagra HD AMP

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  • This is kit that I qualify as precision-quality, not only just for their drool-worthy looks, and design (everything is done in-house, with nothing but the very finest parts sourced when needed), but in the playback that Nagra is capable of to my ears.

    6 hours ago

  • Nagra, YG Acoustics Nagra also had a nice, big, enjoyable pirate room in the Mirage but I really fell hard for the setup in the Venetian. The reasons were twofold; Costa Kekemenis played me a world's worth of beautiful music and the system kissed my brain. By Michael Lavorgna • Audio Stream

    7 hours ago

  • Wow another Best Sound of show !! YG Acoustics Hailey 2 speakers ($42.8k) powered by NAGRA Classic electronics with a Brinkmann Bardo turntable filled the room with the music’s energizing excitement. Whatever the music called for, this setup delivered it in spades: plenty of slam for the funky, rock on my El Vy LP and nimble, easygoing shifts in dynamics conveyed the fine delicacy of a gorgeous track of acoustic guitar with female vocals recorded live in Paris. Track after track was so compellingly reproduced, I wanted to stick around. Julie Mullins, The Absolute Sound

    January 13

  • The HD DAC in Nagra’s system with Wilson Alexx speakers sounded as analog-like as any digital I’ve heard. The Absolute Sound, Robert Harley

    January 12

  • Gold show Awards / AVshowrooms for two rooms at CES, the HD and Classic rooms, it is the first time that AVshowrooms give two Awards for one manufacturer. Best of show contender (Cost no object) The Absolute sound for all three rooms at CES 😊 The Absolute sound Nagra HD / Wilson Room The system was simply phenomenal on Rene Laflamme’s reel-to-reel tape of guitar and stand-up bass with tremendous density of tone color and superb transient response. Digital was also exceptional in this room. NAGRA Classic / YG Room ..terrific articulation on Manuel and Helm’s voices and really solid and prominent bass. In some ways this was YG’s best effort at CES—a wholly superior presentation. NagraINT / Rockport Room ..Both singers were so clear, distinct, and lifelike it sounded as if they were separately miked and equally mixed. The entire system provided superb delineation of detail without any loss of color or thinning down of the power range and bass, and with a spaciousness. Stereophile René Laflamme, Nagra's Sales and Marketing Manager, had one of the best-sounding exhibits I attended. His suite featured twin Nagra HD monoblock amplifiers ($100,000/pair), each rated at 1000W into 2 ohms and driving a Wilson Audio Alexx loudspeaker. Wilson Audio's Peter McGrath—who, like Laflamme, is an accomplished recording engineer—advised me that the Nagra installation allowed the Alexxes to develop the best bass he'd heard at the show. McGrath demonstrated the system's wide dynamic range and superb extension by playing Duruflé's Meditation, recorded on a Mühleisen organ. The notes were clean, solid, massive, and quite musical.

    January 11

  • NAGRA Experience -5- Recording done with Nagra Seven and Schoeps CMC6. Click on the link :

    January 10

  • Last day at #CES2017 last video thanks #YG @WilsonAudio @TARALabs #HRS #Modulum #Kronos #Brinkmann #Transparent

    January 09

  • Day 4 at CES 2017 - the last day "A few years ago, we came to the show with a prototype of what became the HD DAC and we could only dream of what is happening today" - Matthieu Latour - Hi Fi Director Thanks to all our partners : Wilson Audio, Kronos turntable, Transparent cables, HRS racks (HD LINE) and YG Acoustics, Brinkmann turntable, Tara Labs cables, Modulum racks (CLASSIC LINE)

    January 09

  • January 09

  • Wonderful CES 2017. Arriving to an end! Many thanks to all participants. Still a few hours to enjoy...

    January 08

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