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Nagra HD AMP

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Nagra HD DAC

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Nagra JAZZ

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  • Very happy NAGRA costumer In Montréal.

    NAGRA ClassicAmp 2x, NAGRA HDdac, Wilson Alexx and Thor 2x, Kronos Pro. Everything is brand new and the sound is all ready so good.

    24 minutes ago

  • NAGRA AUDIO added 4 new photos to the album: what is going on at Nagra? — in Romanel, Vaud, Switzerland.

    June 28

  • A big thank you to John Tudor for this post:
    I’ve been recording 3 performances a year for the Adelaide University Choral Society (AUCS) since 2010, usually in one of the Adelaide Cathedrals.

    This was a week ago in Pilgrim Church, Adelaide.

    DPA 4006A spaced at 48 cm into Channels 1 & 2 of the Nagra VI
    Schoeps CCM4Lg & CCM8Lg in M/S into Channels 3 & 4 of the Nagra VI
    DPA 4011C as single spots for the soloists into Channels 1 & 2 of the Nagra Seven.
    (Soprano & Alto on one and Tenor & Bass on the other)

    Nagra Seven AES Output into Channel 5 of the Nagra VI, and all recorded at 24/96. (Clocking from the Seven)

    Vivaldi’ Magnificat
    Mozart’s Exsultate, Jubilate (Soloist only)
    Mozart’s Litaniæ Lauretanæ.

    90 Choristers
    4 Soloists
    16 piece orchestra

    A very enjoyable performance and excellent recording result. This image was taken during the final warmup just before the concert. (hence it’s only in Test mode to get levels)


    June 22

  • NAGRA AUDIO added 2 new photos to the album: Audio Engineering Society exhibition — in Paris.

    May convention in Paris

    June 13

  • Awesome Nagra VPA pure Class A 50 watt mono block amps. Post by High end audio for passionates

    June 11

  • NAGRA AUDIO added 3 new photos.

    On-location shots showing the NAGRA VI. The film is “La Promesse de l’aube” with Pierre Niney and Charlotte Gainsbourg, the sound engineer is François Maurel

    May 31

  • Retweeted audioXpress Editor (@audioXP_editor):

    Nagra Introduces Integrated Classic Amp and Expanded Classic Range @NAGRAAudio

    Following its first presentation at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas, at the High End 2016 show In Munich Nagra Audio Technology Switzerland introduced the new Classic Int, a new integrated version of Nagra’s Classic Amp, now in production. The Munich presentations also included the Nagra HD Amp Statement…

    May 18

  • Retweeted Peter Breuninger (@AVShowrooms):

    @NAGRAAudio MOC Munich 2016! Kronos Sparta; being videoed! Great sounding room

    Get the whole picture - and other photos from Peter Breuninger

    May 18

  • Retweeted Gotham Sound (@GothamSound):

    The GSTV rig at #Nab2016 with our trusty ergocine @sounddevices @NAGRAAudio and @Zaxcom !

    Get the whole picture - and other photos from Gotham Sound

    May 18

  • NAGRA AUDIO added a new photo.

    May 18

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