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Nagra HD AMP

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  • NAGRA AUDIO added 9 new photos to the album: NAGRA D.

    The NAGRA D was released 20 years ago, The recorder was product of the year in Stereophile in 1996.

    Winner of Academy Award for Best sound in 1996 using Nagra-D recorders. The movie “The English Patient” Dir- Anthony Minghella.

    15 minutes ago

  • NAGRA AUDIO added 10 new photos.

    NAGRA Handmade transformers, Swiss precision!

    August 22

  • NAGRA AUDIO added 16 new photos.

    Nagra HDamp, World Tour 2016

    It all started from our customers who could not use Nagra amplifiers, like the acclaimed Nagra MSA, in their bigger systems because they needed more power to accommodate demanding speakers or a very large room. They were frustrated to mix and match Nagra sources, such as the HD DAC, with other brands for amplification.

    Early in the development stage, we realize that we could push the limits of what is possible to achieve in an amplifier, if we allowed ourselves to have a larger chassis. We took inspiration from the world-acclaimed Nagra VPA amplifier and designed elegant tower-shaped monoblocks.

    The power supply goes to extremes to make sure the amplifier is stable and can deliver high power at any time. It is built around a 1600 VA transformer. In Nagra’s own tradition it is followed by a multiple diode stage and a very complex dual PI filter. This allows the amplifier voltage rails to be extremely stable. In addition, the current draw from the HD AMP is not polluted by impulse signals. So the rest of the set-up can perform at its best. The dual Pi filter acts like a protection shield between the HD AMP and the mains.

    Each Nagra HD AMP unit features a bank of 264 mF of custom-made Mundorf condensers. They are the reference in their category and you rarely meet them in this quantity because most manufacturers consider them too expensive. We have chosen them after many hours on the test bench and numerous critical listening sessions.
    The Nagra HD AMP audio amplification stage is relatively simple in its conception; this is in part what makes it so transparent and direct. Actually, each stage has been tuned to reach striking results. The driver stage for instance features numerous decoupling capacitors of different technologies. It has a very low output impedance to make the most of the power MOSFETs that follow.
    Like all its famous predecessors in Nagra range, the HD AMP, uses MOSFET, field effect transistors. They are the closest thing to a valve triode and you can definitely feel its sonic character: direct, fast and musical. The HD AMP has precisely matched clusters of MOSFET, to insure the purest reproduction.

    The Nagra HD AMP is fitted with a traditional Nagra Modulometer on the front panel, showing the output power.

    August 16

  • Retweeted HMF Solutions (@HmfinfoIan):

    The Nagra HD DAC will make you CD's & download files come to life. We absolutely love it.

    Get the whole picture - and other photos from HMF Solutions

    August 14

  • Retweeted HMF Solutions (@HmfinfoIan):

    Demonstrating some Nagra today for a customer, all warmed up and ready to go.

    Get the whole picture - and other photos from HMF Solutions

    August 14

  • Retweeted HMF Solutions (@HmfinfoIan):

    A look inside the new Nagra Classic DAC very neatly executed, exquisite audio.

    Get the whole picture - and other photos from HMF Solutions

    August 08

  • NAGRA AUDIO added 2 new photos.

    NAGRA HDamp, ClassicPre and HDdac台灣發表會/台灣發表會/">

    August 05

  • NAGRA AUDIO added 2 new photos.

    Amazing collection of live concerts recordings from Jazz Montreux 50 years' heritage.">

    August 02

  • NAGRA - interview with Philippe Chambon

    Mono and Stereo is a magazine in continuous evolution, frequently delivering content most relevant to our readers. The ideas expressed herein are the opinions of the author (expressed under his First Amendment rights) and therefore their value and truth should be determined by the readers for themse...

    July 31

  • July 30

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