Newsletter October 2023


It is a special moment when, after years of intense research and development work, a long-anticipated Nagra product is released to discerning audiophiles and music lovers around the world.

We are very excited to release the HD PHONO which, when combined with our Reference turntable and Reference MC phono cartridge, forms a no compromise, edge of the art, analog source.

The Nagra HD PHONO takes LP reproduction to another level. Not just a convenience feature, remote control cartridge loading, in a wide range of values and fine gradients between steps, from the listening position, allows for ideal optimization of the cartridge/phono stage interface – all confirmed by ear. This is only one of the many innovations and technologies “under the hood” that will transform your LP listening experience.

The production team is diligently working to complete the very first production run of HD PHONO. Shipments will begin this week.

Thank you to the many customers who have placed their confidence in Nagra and its products and have already placed an order for their unit. We are building them with our typically Swiss dedication to precision and perfection.


Check the webpage with the below link :

Nagra hd phono stage pream preamplifier line Nagra hd phono stage pream preamplifier line Nagra hd phono stage pream preamplifier line


This summer, our distributor for China, Forthwise, opened a new dealer in Guangzhou with amazing show rooms.


We had the incredible opportunity to be invited in Puerto Roco to install a full HD set up along with a REFERENCE TURNTABLE.

This system featured Transparent cable opus series and Wilson audio Alexx V and was just delightful.

The NAGRA REFERENCE MC4 Cartridge played on a CLASSIC PHONO (customer is anxiously waiting for the coming HD PHONO) HD PREAMP and HD AMP. There is two digital sources, HD DAC X and dCS one. It was super interesting to compare the same recording on Vinyl, HD DAC X with Aurender N30 and dCS one.

No need to say that it was an amazing experience, thank you again to our customer.

Puerto Rico Nagra Puerto Rico Nagra Puerto Rico Nagra


Ascot uk hi-fi live show nagra cadence padood

It has been a busy few weeks for Nagra since our last newsletter edition. The end of September saw Nagra HD gear forming the foundation of a dream system at the HiFi Live Show held at the magnificent Ascot Racecourse in Ascot, England.


Featured in one of three systems including Nagra, were an HD PREAMP, HD AMP monoblocks, HD DAC X, Anniversary Edition Nagra VII digital recorder/playback machine (plus Aurender N20 digital transport) and CLASSIC PHONO / CLASSIC PSU combination handling phono stage duties. (Take note – the HD PHONO statement level phono stage was released after the Ascot show and is now shipping!). The balance of the system consisted of an SME Model 60/VA turntable /tonearm system coupled with an Audio Technica ART 20 phono cartridge. Speaker duties were handled by the marvelous Rockport Orion. The system was tied together with some of Siltech cables’s best cables and supported by a Quadraspire rack system. To say that this dream system sounded glorious with outstanding image depth, breadth, detail retrieval, and correct timbres and tone is an understatement.


Two other Ascot systems incorporated Nagra CLASSIC products. A CLASSIC PREAMPCLASSIC AMP and CLASSIC PHONO underpinned an SME Model 12 turntable/Shelter Harmony cartridge and ATC SCM50 PSL passive speakers.


The third system was powered by a CLASSIC INT integrated amp. Sources included an SME Synergy Diamond (internally incorporating a Nagra phono stage), Aurender N200 server/streamer, Weiss Helios DAC, Crystal Minissimo Forte speakers all wired with Crystal cable and resting on a Quadraspire rack.


Thank you to our distribution partner, Cadence Distribution who put together these three stellar systems. We hope that those who visited enjoyed auditioning Nagra Swiss precision electronics in a variety of systems. Contact Cadence Distribution for additional details and further audition opportunities around the UK.

Ascot hifi live show nagra cadence Ascot hifi live show nagra cadence Ascot hifi live show nagra cadence


October saw Nagra in Serbia and neighboring Croatia. First was a presentation at the HiFiles Show in Belgrade. Incorporated into a system of mixed manufacturers was a Nagra CLASSIC PHONO providing phono stage duties for a Nagra REFERENCE MC-6 cartridge on a Thales TTT Slim II/Easy turntable/tonearm combination. Our new CLASSIC DAC II converted digits fed by an Esoteric CD player/transport/external clock as well as a Nagra VII Anniversary digital recorder/playback machine. Amplification was via a Dan D’Agostino Momentum preamp and Momentum monoblock pair. All of this fed a pair of the superb Marten Coltrane speakers. Top of the line Way cables wired the system together. “Best sound of the show!” was a refrain exclaimed by many visitors. Many thanks to our distribution partner BM . Please contact BM for additional detail and for further audition.

Hi Files show Nagra Belgrade BM fidata d'agostino Marten fidata way cables Hi Files show Nagra Belgrade BM fidata d'agostino Marten fidata way cables Hi Files show Nagra Belgrade BM fidata d'agostino Marten fidata way cables


The weekend following the HiFiles Show saw Nagra again featured in a BM distribution system. This time the venue was Zagreb, Croatia and the Too Loud Festival. A scaled down and more accessibly priced system, compared to that in Serbia the week before, was presented to enthusiastic audiophiles and music lovers. This system was comprised of both analog and digital sources. A CLASSIC PHONO was fed by a REFERENCE MC-6 cartridge mounted on a Thales TTT Slim II/Easy turntable/tonearm combination. A Nagra VII Anniversary recorder/playback machine provided ones and zeros to the new CLASSIC DAC II D/A converter. Amplification was the compact CLASSIC INT integrated amp producing its first 10 watts of its 100 wpc (8ohms)/200 wpc (4ohms) in pure Class A. Speakers were Marten Parker Trio (diamond tweeter edition) producing a spacious soundstage with impressive low end extension and dynamics for such modest footprint. Kimber Kable wired the system together. As in Belgrade the week before, a similar “Best sound of show!” was frequently exclaimed by repeat visitors to the demonstration.


Once again, a big thank you to our distribution partner BM for putting together these impressive systems in back to back weekends.

Too loud blog fest zagreb nagra Too loud blog fest zagreb nagra Too loud blog fest zagreb nagra


Bliss Acoustics (Ottawa) had a nice big room at the last Toronto Audiofest. The REFERENCE MC-4 cartridge was used on a J.Sikora Turntable to match the price of the NAGRA CLASSIC Line system. CLASSIC PHONO , CLASSIC PREAMP, CLASSIC PSU and the new CLASSIC DAC II on a Gryphon Amp. The AudioNec speaker with is paper dipole midrange that cover 400Hz to 10kHz impressed a lot of visitors by its natural sound. From Rock to Jazz the room was voted has the best experience of the show by Robert Laufer show reporter. Killer by Audio Junkies magazine!


Thank you Dragan Reljic for your passion. Thank you also to our long-time partners Rene Laflamme, Andre Theriault and Jean Francois Michaud, from Modulum for their help, constant smiles and lovely tunes.

Toronto Audiofest bliss ottawa nagra canada audionec Toronto Audiofest bliss ottawa nagra canada audionec Toronto Audiofest bliss ottawa nagra canada audionec
Bliss Acoustics nagra toronto audio fest
Lire la vidéo
Toronto Audiofest bliss ottawa nagra canada audionec
Coming shows and events

Make sure to look forward to details from Nagra’s presentations at the upcoming Brussels New Music show (Courtyard by Marriott Brussels) 11&12 November.

We will feature the new CLASSIC DAC II.

We will also play with a REFERENCE MC-6 cartridge, a CLASSIC PHONO, CLASSIC PREAMP, a NAGRA IV-S, and 2x CLASSIC AMP.

For the demonstrations we will alternate formats: CD, high resolution files, LP, tapes.

We will particularly highlight unpublished extracts from the Montreux Jazz Festival and the Fidelio and 2xHD label.

Matthieu Latour will present unpublished recording extracts from the Montreux Jazz Festival as well as the result of a recent collaboration with the Stradivarius Foundation.

Kerry St. James will present an original selection of music on LP, CD but also via streaming from QOBUZ.


It will be followed by the iEar Tilburg, Netherlands (Willem II Stadion) 18&19 November.

If you are nearby either show please come by for a listen.


We will write a review of last Warsaw Show in the next Newsletter.


You can also check out our coming events here:

Thank you for reading.

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