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It is with an immense pleasure that we joined the Hong Kong Audio Visual Show 2023!


We opted for a compact but impressive set-up built around the new Nagra CLASSIC DAC II and a CLASSIC INT, integrated power amplifier.

Speakers were Wilson Audio SABRINA X, and rack from Modulum. For cables we brought a selection of cables we have at the factory from respected brands.


The material used to build the cabin is very good acoustically so despite a size of 7 by 5 meters, the room sounded huge.

The system just sang and we enjoyed it so much. The CLASSIC DAC II offers an extended reproduction bandwith with defined and deep bass. The timbre are accurate and life-like.

The width of the soundstage is impressive and is reminiscent of our other Nagra D/A converters that share the same digital technology.


The Nagra CLASSIC INT is very transparent and direct, delivering a life-like sound with the SABRINA X speakers.

Even though the room was pretty packed, the power was more than sufficient without any feeling of limits.


Sources were a Mac Book with Audirvana and a Purist Audio Design USB cable, that worked like a charm. The reproduction of Nagra 70th Anniversary album in DSD 128 was just amazing.

A Nagra show is not complete without a legendary Nagra recorder, so we had a Nagra VII Anniversary Edition for PCM master files.

Here are a few notes from some music we played there :


Our selection of masters from the Montreux Jazz Festival were reproduced in all their intensity and finesse, the slightest nuance was conveyed as well as the dynamic parts.


“Duende” from the supergroup Bozio Levin Stevens was both powerful and detailed. Opening with a flurry of notes fingerpicked by Steve Stevens, the system excelled at revealing the leading edge attack of guitar strings as well as the quick release of notes with absolutely no overhang. Terry Bozio’s drumming was, at once, incisive and textured. Drumhead skins and the wooden shells of his drums were reproduced with goosebump generating tonal accuracy. Tony Levin’s bass prowess was readily apparent in both his solos as well as his powerful, driving bass foundation. On lesser systems this track can be chaotic and uninvolving. Our Hong Kong system unraveled the complexities of the music and laid bare the virtuosity of each of these three master instrumentalists.


For pure rhythmic pleasure we listened to the Chesky Records recording of the Monty Alexander Trio playing the jazz standard “Almost Like Being In Love”. The system revealed a piano, drum kit and standup bass playing in a deep, wide acoustic. Alexander’s piano was extremely natural in attack, decay and timbre. The system was a paragon of PraT (Pace, Rhythm and Timing) on this track and it gave us great pleasure to look down and see show attendees’ feet tapping en masse.


A great test for high frequency reproduction is the track “Six Feet Under”. The song was written by Oscar winning composer, Thomas Newman, as the theme song for the HBO hit series Six Feet Under. It is performed by a very talented group of London based session musicians called London Music Works. The version we played is the one found on the album The Essential Thomas Newman. The opening note is a loud strike of a triangle underlaid and reinforced by an extended synthesized high frequency note. The Nagra/Wilson combination had no trouble isolating natural acoustic decay of the triangle from the artificial tapering fade of the underlying synthesized note. Most good systems can generate the jump factor of the opening triangle/synthesizer notes. The real test is how well the system can articulate the many acoustic and synthesized instruments playing in the piece. Our Hong Kong system separated out a host of instruments ranging from English horn, massed violins (playing pizzacato), electric bass guitar, deep synthesizer bass overlaid by percussion shakers, as well as some quirky jaw harp. An impressive display.

We were deeply moved by the many visitors testimonials and accolades who were happy to see Nagra back in Hong Kong and hear such a beautiful set-up.

We are already looking forwarding to eeting you next year !


Thank you again to Audiotechnique Magazine for the great support and organization.

NAGRA YouTube Channel

Thank you again to everyone who attended the High End 2023, whether you were there in Munich or enjoying the media from Facebook or YouTube.

You helped us make the world debut of the Nagra CLASSIC DAC II a great success.

Our system was comprised of a Nagra 70th Anniversary REFERENCE Turntable, a Nagra REFERENCE MC Phono Cartridges, a prototype of the soon-to-come HD PHONO, a Nagra HD PREAMP, a pair of Nagra HD AMP monoblocks, a Nagra IV-S tape machine and Nagra VII Anniversary Edition digital recorder. All feeding a pair of Wilson Audio Alexx V Speakers, combined with a pair of Wilson Audio LōKē subwoofers. Cabling by Shunyata, racks and amp stands by Modulum.

Let’s thank again all our experts for their presentations:

Michael Fremer, Tracking Angle Editor and The Absolute Sound Editor at Large.

Matthias Boede, from STEREO Magazine

Abey Fonn, from Impex Records and Elusive Disc

Peter McGrath, from Wilson Audio

and our René Laflamme, from Fidelio and 2xHD



Check out our YouTube Channel and watch their interviews after their presentations here on our YouTube Playlist.

Guitar great Al Di Meola’s “Meet the Expert” full presentation

is now on our YouTube Channel

Al Di Meola full Presentation Nagra YouTube
Lire la vidéo

Get the live experience of being in Nagra room, while Mr. Di Meola, along with Abey Fonn, from Impex records, told us a few stories behind the creation of the recently released LP “Saturday Night in San Francisco”. This new LP release is the follow up of the audiophile’s favorite “Friday Night in San Francisco” featuring fellow guitar legends Paco de Lucia and John McLaughlin.

Let’s dive into this 25min video and listen to some parts of these incredible recordings.


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Grand Opening of Alma East, Nagra dealer in Virginia, USA

Grand opening of Alma East, second location of Alma Music & Audio, in Sterling, VA, on August 25-26th!

Our electronics, including the CLASSIC PREAMP, CLASSIC AMP, CLASSIC PHONO, CLASSIC PSU and the new CLASSIC DAC II drove the system fantastically.

Alma Music and Audio is dedicated to providing an extraordinary audio experience to their clients. With the launch of their new store, they aim to bring their passion for music and top-of-the-line audio equipment closer to their valued patrons on the East Coast.

The whole day was filled with excitement as they showcased some of the finest audio products from leading brands and hosted live demonstrations to let the visitors experience the magic of pristine sound quality. They are available to assist and guide you in finding the perfect audio solutions tailored to your preferences.

Loudspeakers were from Estelon, maker of some of the world’s finest, with life-like sound and elegant design. Mr. Aldo Filippelli, from Estelon, was around to present their products.

Regarding Nagra, Mr. René Laflamme was here. René is not only Nagra’s representative for the US, but also a well-known recording and mastering engineer. He no doubt graced everyone with his recordings for 2xHD label!

In addition to the audio showcase, they planned an enjoyable evening of music, refreshments, and networking with fellow music enthusiasts and audiophiles, and made this an unforgettable experience.

This was an exciting opening for this new chapter for Alma Music and Audio.

Alma East grand opening NAGRA CLASSIC AMP Alma East grand opening Estelon

KONEAV – new Nagra distributor in Seoul, South Korea

KONEAV, our new distributor in South Korea, is now ready to demo 2 amazing set-ups. One for the CLASSIC Line and one for the HD Line. Both are paired with the magnificent Wilson Audio speakers.

KONEAV started in 1994 with the passion of audiophiles. “we take care of quality” is the slogan of KONEAV.

First, second, and third, we only care about quality.

Composed of specialists who love music and audio more than anything else and know audio better than anyone else, KONEAV established the company from an enthusiast’s point of view,

We respect and will continue to be with you, who can travel to your own world of sound today without losing your passion for audio and the purity of music.


KONEAV is also distributor for many other recognized and established high end audio brands.

You can find their contact details on our contact page.

Ascot uk hi-fi live show nagra cadence padood
UK Hifi Show Live

September 29th through October 1st

The 2023 edition of the UK HiFi Show Live returns to the magnificent Ascot Racecourse Grandstand in Ascot, England on the weekend of 30 September. Fans of Nagra will be pleased to know that Nagra will be the featured electronics brand of the primary system in the Cadence Distribution exhibition suite. Demonstrations will be biased toward vinyl LP playback. The new Nagra HD PHONO flagship phono stage will highlight the all Nagra HD electronics playback system. We look forward to your visit to this very special event.

Get your tickets here: UK hifi show tickets


You can also check out our coming events here:

Recording of Note

And always, now, our Recording of Note. This edition of “Recording of Note” takes us from the Mississippi Delta to London and finally to the Southside of Chicago. The recording is “Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones: Live at the Checkerboard Lounge”. As the title indicates, this is a live recording. The particular format version for this “Note” is the double LP with accompanying DVD.

Read all about it by clicking this above link.

Thanks to our partner Qobuz, you can discover this track and the full album here. You can also get a free 3 months trial, if you’ve not subscribed yet. Meet us at the bottom of the article.

Thank you for reading.

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