Marilyn and No. 5…

Testimonials - 2018.12.21
Nagra III recorder legendary legend two tracks mono

Marilyn Monroe explains what she wears to bed… Such a catchphrase could only be recorded on a Nagra. It must have been so impressive to be in this french reporter’s shoes !

6 answers on "Marilyn and No. 5…"

  1. James Baxter,

    Are you still building reel to reel tape.

    1. Tanguy Lemaire,

      Hello, we will have a few refurbished machines on sale shortly. Follow us on social media to know more about this.

    1. Tanguy Lemaire,

      Follow us on our social media, we will shortly let you know.

  2. Jan,

    Well…… sound q is not that great, is it/

    1. Tanguy Lemaire,

      This video is mainly to show that many journalists used the Nagra recorders at that time. We don’t have any information about the conditions of this recording from 1960, but this is a Youtube video, so we are sure to expect the original recording to be much better, indeed. 😉

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