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Nagra Munich High End 2023 Wilson Audio shunyata modulum speakers


We are proud to announce the High End 2023 Munich show official world debut of the Nagra CLASSIC DAC II.


Nagra’s newest digital offering, the CLASSIC DAC II, features the same NADM (Nagra Audio Digital Module) digital engine employed in both our world acclaimed HD DAC-X and TUBE DAC, and accommodates all current high resolution formats such as DSD 4x (256) and DXD. Other highlights include an output stage featuring discrete topology in pure Class A and an improved built-in power supply along with the option to connect a Nagra external reference power supply, Classic PSU, for ultimate performance.


The balance of Nagra’s Munich system will be comprised of a Nagra 70th Anniversary REFERENCE Turntable, Nagra REFERENCE MC Phono Cartridges, Nagra’s upcoming HD PHONO stage, Nagra HD PREAMP, Nagra HD AMP monoblocks, Nagra IV-S tape machine and Nagra VII Anniversary Edition digital recorder all feeding a pair of Wilson Audio Alexia V Speakers combined with a pair of Wilson Audio LoKe subwoofers. Cabling by Shunyata, racks and amp stands by Modulum.

In addition to demonstrations of this world class system, Nagra will present “Meet the Expert” sessions interspersed throughout the show days featuring industry notables giving presentations from their particular perspectives supplemented with relevant musical demonstrations.


The highlight of the “Meet the Expert” presentations will surely be that of Grammy award winning guitar legend Al Di Meola. On Thursday at 14:30 Mr. Di Meola will play selected portions from both the acclaimed album “Friday Night in San Francisco” featuring fellow guitar greats Paco de Lucia and John McLaughlin, as well as the recently released follow up LP “Saturday Night in San Francisco”. He will offer commentary, and anecdotes about the music, the performances and the recordings. This is a rare opportunity to gain “insider” insight into a recording that can be found on the shelves of music lovers and audiophiles the world over.


The Recent Passing of Two Greats – Belafonte and Jamal

A life well lived. The world has lost not only a great musician but a wonderful human being. Harry Belafonte has passed away at age 96. Known to music lovers and audiophiles around the globe as a legendary singer whose career spanned generations, we should not forget his life-long support, at great risk to his career, of the struggle for civil rights for black people in America and the world over. His life in music and his commitment to combating the challenge of racism should be celebrated. Today would be a great day to reach into our collections or search the streaming services for a track or two to celebrate the extraordinary life of this great humanitarian. Two of our favorites: La Bamba from the album Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall and Losing Hand from the album Belafonte Sings the Blues.


Just nine days prior to Harry Belafonte’s passing, 92 year old Ahmad Jamal succumbed to prostate cancer. Playing piano since he was 3 years old, Jamal would go on to be one of the most influential musicians of the jazz idiom. His influence spanned generations and had great impact on  jazz giants Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock and many others. Miles Davis said “All my inspiration comes from Ahmad Jamal.” It’s hard to imagine a greater compliment to Jamal’s genius.


The French composer, Claude Debussy said “Music is the space between the notes.” Jamal’s artistic style is the epitome of this sentiment. To see and hear this, check out this video of the 1936 standard “Poinciana”, first interpreted and recorded by Ahmad Jamal in 1958. Jamal  has taken this classic through countless interpretations over the decades. This version, performed at age 81 and captured at the Olympia concert venue in Paris, is one of his finest.


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