Nagra Model I – closed-back monitoring headphones

It is often a challenge to find a portable monitoring solution.

It is great when you can take real traditional speakers and have a space for monitoring, however this is much more equipment to carry and not all spaces can accomodate this.

After surveying the market, the Nagra team sought a custom solutions for its loyal customers.

Portable audio recorders that operate on batteries cannot accomodate a full-scale headphones amplifier. Thus Nagra and the AUDEZE team joined forces to design unique Nagra headphones.

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It is a closed-back model which provides enough isolation to focus on the recording. The Nagra Model I monitoring headphones offer a very wide bandwidth, super acurate timbre.

Images are 3D with instruments and voices appearing in front rather than above one’s head, as is often the case with other headphones .

Delivered in a rugged case to bring around the world for your most demanding sessions.

Nagra monitoring headphone Audeze AES New York

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