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Thank you to everyone who attended the High End 2023, whether you were there in Munich or enjoying the media from Facebook or YouTube.

You made the world debut of the Nagra CLASSIC DAC II a great success.

Our system was comprised of a Nagra 70th Anniversary REFERENCE Turntable, a Nagra REFERENCE MC Phono Cartridges, a prototype of the soon-to-come HD PHONO, a Nagra HD PREAMP, a pair of Nagra HD AMP monoblocks, a Nagra IV-S tape machine and Nagra VII Anniversary Edition digital recorder. All feeding a pair of Wilson Audio Alexx V Speakers, combined with a pair of Wilson Audio LōKē subwoofers. Cabling by Shunyata, racks and amp stands by Modulum.

Here are a few images of these amazing 4 days.

Here are a few comments from some the most popular reviewers :

«… With sound as uncolored, filled with life, and involving as anything else I heard at Munich High End, the hour served as the perfect high point finale to Munich High End.»

Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile


«The system this year, featuring Wilson Alexx Vs plus a pair of Wilson LōKē subwoofers and of course all Nagra electronics and the Nagra turntable and cartridge, sounded rich, detailed, involving, and when the music called for it, it had all the slam and drive you could want.»

Michael Fremer, from and The Absolute Sound

“It was an oasis of non-audiophile aesthetic. It was calming. It was musical. It was engaging.”

Andrew Quint, Senior Reviewer, The Absolute Sound

 “It really was something special.”

Robert Harley, Chief Editor, The Absolute Sound

on the new Classic DAC II premiered at the High End 2023 Munich show.

On top of «standard» demonstrations of this amazing system, we also had the opportunity to present our “Meet the Expert” sessions with industry notables (artists, sound engineer, reviewers, record company, etc) giving presentations from their particular perspectives supplemented with relevant musical demonstrations.


We would like to give a special thank to guitar legend Al Di Meola, whose presentation was one of the highlights of the week. Mr. Di Meola (and Abey Fonn, from Impex records) told us the stories behind the creation of the recently released LP «Saturday Night in San Francisco». This LP is the follow up of the famous «Friday Night in San Francisco» featuring fellow guitar greats Paco de Lucia and John McLaughlin.

For those who don’t know about this, the full presentation will soon be online on our YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe here :

We take this opportunity to thank all our other experts :

Michael Fremer, Tracking Angle Editor and The Absolute Sound Editor at Large.

Matthias Boede, from STEREO Magazine

Abey Fonn, from Impex Records and Elusive Disc

Peter McGrath, from Wilson Audio

and our René Laflamme, from Fidelio and 2xHD


Remember that we had a small talk with each of them after their presentations and their interviews are online (or will soon be for those who are not) here : YouTube


Montreux Jazz festival

Nagra will again be present in the Lake House, at the heart of the festival.

Many Nagra VII Anniversary recorders will be loaned to and used by the Montreux Jazz TV, but the main event for the visitors will be the display an demonstration of a Nagra Reference Anniversary Turntable in the Montreux Library / Bibliothèque.

Here is the link to the free programm:


There will be book presentations, talks and the «One LP a day…» series, where notable presentors will talk about their recordings of note. Most of the artists featured showed their greatness at the Montreux Jazz Festival and were recorded live as well. From Nina Simone to Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye to Pharoah Sanders, you will definitely find your kind of music.

These incredible albums will be highlighted by the Nagra set-up and will allow you to listen to this amazing collection at its best.

As last year, people will also be able to hear over 300 LP’s of live recordings of concerts spanning decades of Montreux Jazz Festivals, during the «AROUND MIDNIGHT VINYLS LISTENING SESSIONS».

We will be present as much as possible during those 2 weeks and are very much looking forward to meeting you there !!



Hong Kong High-End Audio & Visual Show

Nagra will be present at the Hong Kong Show with a full CLASSIC setup. We will be in Room X20, in the Hall 3 of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and will have tapes, LPs and CDs to sell on the booth !

Make sure you come by if you are around.

T.H.E. Show

Alma Audio & Music did an amazing presentaton with the Boenicke W8 SE.

Our electronics, including the CLASSIC PREAMP, CLASSIC AMP, CLASSIC PHONO, CLASSIC PSU and the new CLASSIC DAC II drove the system fantastically. The new Innuos Pulse Streamer completed the digital front end that was connected with Kubala-Sosna Sensation cabling.



Recording of Note

And last but not least, a familiar feature – our Recording of Note. In this edition we highlight Michael Jackson’s Thriller 40, the reissue of Thriller, 40 years later. Read all about by clicking this above link.

Thanks to our partner Qobuz, you can discover this track and the full album here. You can also get a free 3 months trial . Meet us at the bottom of the article.

Thank you for reading.

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