Going Back to the Roots: Montreux en Analog par Nagra Audio - Nagra

Going Back to the Roots: Montreux en Analog par Nagra Audio

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Analog workshop montreux nagra 2021 MJF back roots

Montreux Jazz Festival Workshop –  14 Juillet 2021 – Montreux Palace


Going Back to the Roots: Retour aux source – Montreux en Analog


Presenté par :

Alain Dufaux – EPFL

Matthieu Latour – Nagra Audio



Immergez-vous dans le son de Montreux comme il avait été capturé à l’origine dans les premières annés. Grâce à Montreux Sounds, une sélection unique de bandes sera jouée sur des enregistreurs Nagra IV-S et un set-up Nagra HD pour recréer l’atmosphère et l’essence de l’ancien Casino Kursaal (Casino de Montreux). Ces bandes vont de 1967 jusqu’à 1981.

Par la suite, le festival a majoritairement été enregistré en digital.


The partners:

Claude Nobs Foundation


For the preservation and valorisation of Claude Nobs’ audiovisual collection from the Montreux Jazz Festival inscribed in 2013 on the UNESCO memory of the World register.












Montreux Sounds









Montreux Sounds, Founded in 1973 by Claude Nobs and owned today by Thierry Amsallem, acquired all productions/coproductions of the Montreux Jazz Festival until 2013 which became one of the World’s largest private collection of “live” music recordings – all of which was recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland) since 1967. Having started with jazz in the early days, over the years, the collection has grown and enriched itself with new genres of music ranging from blues and rock, to rap, soul, Latin and many more.

In 2007, Montreux Sounds joined forces with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) to create a unique, first of its kind, high resolution digital archive of the Festival. Considered both as an educational tool and research infrastructure, this audio-visual heritage has become a unique platform for students and researchers to innovate in fields such as acoustics, data science, archiving, musicology, museology, or neurosciences. Driven by the EPFL Cultural Heritage & Innovation Center, the “Montreux Jazz Digital Project” is an accelerator for innovation in technology, culture, social sciences and open science. Today the library has become one of the largest testimonies of live music in the World, with over 5,000 individual performances.  The collection is un-equaled and has a universal significance for current and future generations. As a result, in June 2013, it was inscribed to UNESCO’s international Memory of the World Register, the documentary equivalent of “World Heritage”.

Thierry Amsallem founded the Claude Nobs Foundation (public utility, independent entity) in 2014 to preserve and valorize the collection in partnership with EPFL.







The Cultural Heritage and Innovation Center has been in charge of the Montreux Jazz Digital Project since 2010. The principal objectives of our team are :

  1. Digitize and preserve audiovisual collections and heritages of major importance in Switzerland or all accross the world
  2. Enrich and add value to such collections, organizing research and innovation projects with EPFL laboratories, start-ups, and partners

When digitized, the collections are turned into Research Infrastructures. They become a unique material in education and research, available as a playground to the students and to the innovation communities at EPFL and all around the world.

The Montreux Jazz Digital Project is the leading project of the Center since 2010. Defined in collaboration with the Claude Nobs Foundation, it drives activities in many labs and partners of EPFL, with hundreds of researchers involved, addressing a large range of domains from technology to archiving, sociology or art.


Audio Technology Switzerland




Audio Technology Switzerland is the designer and manufacturer of Nagra Audio products.

It is a company dedicated to excellence in capturing and reproducing the sound in its original essence and purity. Nagra products are used throughout the world by the most demanding sound engineers, researchers and music lovers.


The company provides the Nagra recorders, a Nagra IV-S as well as a full range of HD electronics, HD PREAMP and four mono HD AMP to provide the speakers with a huge amount of energy.


Stenheim  speakers





The analog experience will be made even more lifelike and realistic with Stenheim speakers, the model used for the workshop is Reference Ultime Three special Edition, the flagship of the Swiss company.



First track:

Charles Lloyd Quartet, 18 June 1967, Casino Kursaal

Keith Jarrett (p), Jack DeJohnette (dr), Charles Lloyd (ts, fl), Ron McClure (b)


Days And Nights Waiting

2Lady Gabor
3Love Ship
4Forest Flower


Second track:

Ella Fitzgerald, 22 June 1969, Casino Kursaal

Ella Fitzgerald (voc), Tommy Flanagan (p), Frank De La Rosa (b), Ed Thigpen (dr)

2Give Me The Simple Life


This Girl Is In Love With You

4I Won’t Dance
5A Place For Lovers
6That Old Black Magic
7Useless Landscape
8I Love You Madly
9Trouble Is A Man
10A Man And A Woman
11Sunshine Of Your Love
12Well, Alright, Okay, You Win
13Hey Jude
14Scat Medley
15A House Is Not A Home


Third track:

Al Jarreau, 03 July 1976, Casino Montreux

Al Jarreau ()

1Aladdin’s Lamp
2Letter Perfect


Your Song

4Take Five
6Lock All The Gates
7Somebody’s watchin you
8Better Than Anything


Fourth track:

Weather Report, 08 July 1976, Casino Montreux

Joe Zawinul (kbds), Wayne Shorter (ts, ss), Jaco Pastorius (b), Alex Acuña (dr), Manola Badrena (cga, perc)

1Unknown title
3Elegant People
4Scarlet Woman
5Barbary Coast
6Portrait Of Tracy
7Cannon Ball
8Black Market
9Unknown title
10Unknown title
11Unknown title


1. Birdland, 2. Dr. Honoris Causa, 3. Directions

131. Badia, 2. Gibraltar


Fifth track:

Ray Charles, 13 July 1978, Casino Montreux

Dizzy Gillespie (tp), Ray Charles (p, voc), Kenny Burrell (g), Mickey Roker (dr), George Duvivier (b), David « Fathead » Newman (ts), Hank Crawford (as)

1In A Mellow Tone
2Thirteen Floor
3How Can You Get Out
4Georgia On My Mind
5Georgia On My Mind
6Autumn Leaves
7Willow Weep For Me
8Hallelujah I Love Her So
9Stormy Monday
10Salt Peanuts
11God Bless The Child
121. I’m Gonna Keep On Singin’, 2. What’d I Say, 3. Ray Charles Blues


Things Ain’t What They Used To Be


I’ve Got A Woman


Hallelujah I Love Her So




Unchain My Heart


I Can’t Stop Loving You


Hit The Road Jack


Crying Time


I Can See Clearly Now



24The Sun Died
25For Mama
26What’d I Say


Sixth track:

Ray Charles, 13 July 1978, Casino Montreux

Dizzy Gillespie (tp), Ray Charles (p, voc), Kenny Burrell (g), Mickey Roker (dr), George Duvivier (b), David « Fathead » Newman (ts), Hank Crawford (as)

With Esther Philips

Unknown track


Seventh track:

Monty Alexander And Friends, 19 July 1981, Casino Montreux

Monty Alexander (p), Ernest Ranglin (g), Gerry Wiggins (b), Othello Molineaux (steel dr), Jojo Mayer (dr), David Sanborn (as), Maurice Einhorn (hca)

2Sweet Georgia Brown
3Unknown title
5Sweet Lady
6Funji Mama
7Drown In My Own Tears
8Battle Hymn Of The Republic


So What



Special Thanks:

Stephanie Aloysia Moretti from Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation

Thierry Amsallem who kindly took time to select these amazing tapes

Alain Dufaux who accepted to co-present the workshop

All at Audio Technology Switzerland, with a special note to Mario Jimenez for his expertise

Recording The Masters for the analog tapes

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