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We are thrilled to announce that our Meet the Expert sessions will again take place in our Room F130 – Atrium 4.1.

On Saturday and Sunday, special guests will present and play for you some of the best recordings on our REFERENCE TURNTABLE and on the new Streamer.

Don’t miss this opportunity to exchange with industry references in their field, like sound engineers, reviewers, or music critics.

Come and share your passion for sound and music!

Michael Fremer Plays Treasured Records From His Collection

Saturday 11.05 at 4pm

Michael Fremer, Tracking Angle Editor and The Absolute Sound Editor at Large



Picture by David Robinson


It’s a three-peat ! We are very blessed to have Michael Fremer for the 3rd year in a row in our room for another very special presentation.

He is Tracking Angle Editor and The Absolute Sound Editor at Large.

Ever since hearing his first CD in the early 1980s  Michael has been a tireless vinyl advocate even when others told him to “give up, it’s going away and never coming back”. Hahaha. Michael supervised the Academy Award nominated soundtrack to the original “TRON!” movie and has many other resume credits. “He has a lot of records”.

Michael will play the finished “Rufus Reid Presents Caelan Cardello” and either finished or test pressings of the Patrick Leonard record he helped produce on vinyl plus the usual assortment of “stuff”…


Have a look at his last year’s interview in our room :


Social media links:

Twitter: @tracking_angle

Instagram: trackingangle


Matthias Boede, from STEREO Magazine – A battle between Tape, Vinyl and Digital

Saturday 11.05 and Sunday 12.05 at 1pm each

Listen to highlights out of the “STEREO Festival of Master-Tapes” in different formats.

Matthias Boede Nagra Meet the Expert 2023 Munich High End show Stereo Magazin



Matthias Böde is with STEREO – the big German HiFi magazine – for 25 years and is well known for his workshops and presentations, as well as for his skills in audio testing.


In the Nagra room F130, Mr. Böde will compare a few tapes, including two titles from our anniversary tape on the STEREO Festival: Buddy Tate “Stardust” and Frédéric Alarie “George”, and their LP and digital versions.


Here is his last year’s interview.


Abey Fonn, from Impex Records & Nick Getz – Getz/Gilberto

Saturday 11.05 at 11am

Nagra is excited to announce that Abey Fonn, the singular force behind boutique audiophile label Impex Records, will be joining us again at High End Munich 2024 to share intriguing background stories and demo some of their most popular and respected works. Our meticulously-curated listening room is the perfect showcase for Impex’s nuanced, dynamic, and luxuriously-made albums.


Abey Fonn Nick Getz Nagra Meet the Expert 2024


Abey Fonn, founder of the audiophile record label Impex Records, along with Nicholas Getz, son of jazz legend Stan Getz, will present Impex Records’ very recent super deluxe 1STEP LP release of the 1964 GRAMMY award winning Getz/Gilberto. Abey will discuss the three and a half year labor of love that culminated in this production. In addition, she will provide a first hand account of the challenges and rewards of the 1STEP production process and explain why it can make even the best recordings sound even better than those utilizing traditional LP pressing methods.

Nicholas Getz, representing the Getz family, has described the Impex 1STEP production of Getz/Gilberto as the definitive edition of this recording. He will trace the fascinating “backstory” of how this iconic recording came to be – incorporating an overview of the jazz millieu of the day, the greats who populated the era and the creative inspirations that generated this work and brought the bossa nova from the clubs of Rio de Janeiro to living rooms around the world. Cuts from the 1STEP LP, played via Nagra’s flagship vinyl playback system, will be interspersed throughout the presentation.

Have a look at Abey Fonn last year’s interview in our room :

David Chesky – Aesthetics in recording

Saturday 11.05 at 3pm

David Chesky will discour about aesthetic in the sound today, what is good sound made of ? He is a Grammy-nominated composer, jazz pianist, and innovator in audio technology, boasts a diverse career spanning orchestral compositions, jazz performances, and children’s books. Known for his unique “Urban Orchestral” style blending classical techniques with New York street sounds, Chesky’s music has earned critical acclaim for its individuality and fusion of genres. His works include genre-bending pieces like the Rap Symphony and Concertos for various instruments, lauded for their integrity and depth. Chesky’s ballets and operas reflect modern urban life, while his children’s works explore fantasy realms with themes of diversity and acceptance.

David Chesky Meet the Expert Nagra 2024

Beyond composing, Chesky is a pioneer in audio technology, founding Chesky Records and HD Tracks, leading innovations in recording quality and online distribution. His latest venture, The Audiophile Society, aims to enhance the listening experience with 3D audio technology. Chesky’s commitment to music education is evident in projects like “Classical Cats™” and “The Mice War,” aimed at introducing children to classical music and environmental awareness. With a rich legacy in both music and technology, Chesky continues to push boundaries in both fields while residing in New York City with his family.



Bob Attiyeh, recording engineer, Yarlung Records

Saturday 11.05 at 2PM

Yarlung began almost 20 years ago during a low point in the recording industry when major record labels were closing every week.  Unlike some of the larger firms, Bob has kept Yarlung nimble and resilient.



Recognized as one of today’s premiere audiophile labels, Yarlung has nonetheless been appreciated by the wider music world as well, with three GRAMMY® nominations, one Latin GRAMMY win, and multiple recognitions by the International Classical Music Awards and repeat articles and reviews in today’s leading music and audio publications.  Yarlung works with musicians in concert halls with wonderful acoustics to capture performances in one take per movement.  “Mastering” happens on stage and with acoustic adjustments in the hall to deliver a final recording that sounds to you like it does to the engineer at the time.  Bob and his team aim to deliver living breathing music performances for you in your listening room, not post-produced approximations.


Yarlung uses the finest classic vacuum tube microphones by AKG and Neumann, Yarlung Audio microphone preamplification, Yarlung Audio interconnects, custom-designed analog tape recorders, the Merging Technologies HAPI to capture 256fs DSD in stereo and surround sound and a custom SonoruS converter for high resolution PCM capture.  Yarlung releases analog tape, 180 Gram 45-RPM vinyl with lacquers cut by Bob and Bernie Grundman, DSD, high res PCM through myriad download and streaming platforms around the world, as well as physical CDs.


Mori Shima, of Stereo Sound in Japan writes “Thank Heavens for Yarlung Records.  In the age of compressed digital downloads, it is refreshing to hear real sound and real music again, reminiscent of RCA Living Presence in its golden age, or Mercury Records at its height.  Yarlung’s sound is liquid and transparent, just as if you were sitting in the concert halls with superb acoustics, where these recordings are made.  Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Ambassador Hall in Pasadena and Zipper Hall at The Colburn School, to name a few….  Yarlung offers us a true feast for the ears….”


Come join us to hear some of this music, meet the engineer and producer, and talk about the art of recording supported by playback of Yarlung offerings on Nagra flagship gear, including “Yuko Mabuchi Plays Miles Davis” on analog tape via the legendary Nagra IV-S tape machine.


René Laflamme, Mastering engineer at Fidelio and 2xHD.

Come and hear his last all analog recordings and masterings made on NAGRA equipements

Sunday 2pm

Nagra is fortunate to have Rene Laflamme on our staff. In addition to his role at Nagra, Rene is a reknowned recording and mastering engineer at the multi-award winning Fidelio 2xHD record label. Rene’s original recordings, as well as his remastered re-releases of legendary recordings of Bill Evans, Ben Webster, Shirley Horn, Monty Alexander and other greats, are sourced from first generation analog tapes and cut at Bernie Grundman Mastering Lab on tube cutting equipment. The result is a catalog of recordings that have received accolades from critical reviewers around the world. Rene’s “Meet the Expert” session will present a number of favorites as well as introduce a few new releases from the 2xHD label. In addition to a great listening session, there will be an opportunity to ask Rene questions about Nagra equipment and to learn about Nagra’s latest offerings.

René Laflamme nagra t-audio 2xhd fidelio



See our 2019 interview with René below :



As every year, we are confident that these presentations will be incredible. This will be a unique opportunity for you to experience the NAGRA sound in digital and analog formats.

We look forward to meeting you there !

See you Atrium 4.1 – Room F130 in Münich !!

The Nagra Team



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