The HD DAC X rocks the RMAF in Denver - Nagra

The HD DAC X rocks the RMAF in Denver

Hifi 未分類 - 2018.10.08

The HD DAC has set new standards in terms of analog like reproduction. It has been acclaimed as the “Everest of Audio” by the French magazine Haute Fidélité and has received numerous awards around the globe. It is used daily in mastering studio and at many lucky customers’ houses. So it took a lot of energy and dedication to improve this design. The new territories discovered during the HD PREAMP design opened new opportunity in mechanical vibration control and damping, ultra-low noise power supplies, dual mono construction, a whole new digital core.

The result is a just out of this world performance that makes the HD DAC X the natural partner for the HD PREAMP and HD AMP to form a reference set-up and take new to years of musical pleasure.


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