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Nagra VPS

The VPS dual input valve phono preamplifier, based on the design principles of the world acclaimed PL-P phono stage.

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Nagra VPA

The VPA is a pair of mono block vacuum tube power amplifiers. Equipped with symmetrical and asymmetrical inputs, offering a pure class-A feedback less output stage.

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Nagra SD

Small, rugged, lightweight two channel digital recorder with interchangeable microphones. Ideal for journalism, sound effects gathering and wildlife recordings. one-handed simple operation.

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Nagra LINO

The Nagra LINO is a mid-range hand-held stereo digital recorder, ideal for home recording or other general purpose audio gathering.
Lightweight and easy to operate, it records to a standard SD memory card.

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Nagra MPS

Multiple power supply unit for isolated powering of various Nagra High End modules.

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