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Nagra JAZZ

The JAZZ is a Pure Class A vacuum tube preamplifier. It boasts a fine tune balance control allowing minute differences in the stereo image to be delicately adjusted.

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Nagra Seven

The Nagra Seven is a 2-channel digital recorder. Thanks to its modular design concept, it can fit perfectly into a multitude of different applications. Options include TC, ISDN, WiFi/3G, WiFi/4G, MPEG, OPUS, AAC compressions and internal editor.

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The Nagra MEZZO offers PCM linear recording 24 bit up to 96 kHz or compressed MP-3 recording in the palm of your hand. Built-in 8GB flash memory. Easy to use, one-handed operation, ideal for on-the-go recording. Can be mounted on a DSLR with a standard adapter.

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Nagra CD Players

A range of precision CD platforms implementing state-of-the-art transport design from the space industry. Available with or without preamplification stage and D/A conversion.

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Nagra BPS

Battery powered and totally isolated solid-state phono stage preamplifier.

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