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More than 60 years separate the first Nagra professional recorder from today’s digital devices. During the intervening period, Nagra Audio has witnessed changes not only in technology, but also in corporate management yet, has maintained the design. development and commercialization of an entire range of analog and digital tape recorders as well as, more recently, a line of high-end audiophile products.

The reputation of Nagra equipment is firmly established among audio professionals. Whether in the television and cinema industries or among radio journalists, Nagras are always appreciated for their sound quality and reliability.

Equipment such as the Nagra III,  4.2 and the Nagra IV-S Time Code are seen as benchmarks in terms of sound recording for cinema productions and have been used on film sets the world over.The performance of this equipment has been recognized with three Oscars® and an Emmy® Award.

In 1997 a range of high-end equipment aimed at the audiophile community was introduced as a diversification into a hitherto unknown market.


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