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Nagra HD AMP

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  • Nagra room awards! Thank you David David William Robinson Positive feedback

    April 19

  • Best Room at AXPONA 2019 Enjoy the Music, Steven R. Rochlin I have to say I greatly admire the current architectural styling of their product line seen here. It was a pleasure to hear the relatively new Kharma S7 ($18k) as my own reference speakers are a much earlier Kharma speaker. Unfortunately, the newer models since then are less efficient, requiring more power than I can squeeze out of the SET amps in my large room. The S7 was perfectly sized for the room here, and would make an interesting speaker in combination with a pair of good subwoofers in a larger room. Nonetheless, I loved the sound here and I'm tempted to give the whole damn 16th Floor a Best Rooms designation. The cartridge on the Brinkman turntable here was an EMT and it was tracing the grooves of one of Rene's own LPs — he's still very much in the recording business, after all. Another interesting component was the Nagra TUBE DAC with Classic power supply unit ($39,500) which some of you may have heard. Thank you Steven !!

    April 18

  • New set up Rockport Cygnus next to the Nagra HD Amps ! HD AMP :

    April 18

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