Nagra SNN - Nagra

Nagra SNN

Nagra SN black & white spy recorder james bond mission impossible

Manufactured from 1971 to 2002


The NAGRA SN recorder, in spite of its small size, produces exceptionally high quality recordings. It is much appreciated by reporters, who can record broadcast quality tapes and, at the same time, be more mobile.

Key features

The SN solves film-makers’ synchronous sound recording problems: it can easily be concealed during filming and strict synchronization is guaranteed. For scientific research, the SN can also record data while on board a propelled craft.Reels of narrow 1/8″ (3.81 mm) tape are used, and tape drive is by a slaved capstan motor. Rewind is manual but rapid thanks to an overdrive system, using a small folding crank handle.

There are two versions of the recorder:

  • NAGRA SNN full-track recording, 3 3/4 and 1 7/8 in./sec. (9.5 and 4.75 cm/s)
  • NAGRA SNS half-track recording, 1 7/8 and 15/16 in./sec. (4.75 and 2.38 cm/s)

The tape-deck is milled from a solid piece of metal and the case and lid are of drawn light metal alloy.

All electronic circuits are highly sophisticated and include a voltage converter with variable ratio, and an automatic level control.

A special miniature omnidirectional capacitor microphone can be used and it is also possible to work with a conventional dynamic microphone.

A small meter indicates the compression rate of the automatic level control or the battery voltage. Headphones can also serve as an output monitor (confidence playback).

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