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Nagra HD AMP

Posted by on 11-25-15

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  • Beautiful set-up at HMF Solutions where the Innuos server gives everything it has with our HD DAC and Classic PREAMP. Go and visit them in London !!

    12 hours ago

  • We were fortunate enough to be introduced to the new HD DAC X. In the upcoming show video, Rene Laflamme will explain how much work was done to achieve the end product with optimal results. Our first round of listening was a female vocalist and honestly, I looked twice because I thought Rene was playing tape. The sound was about as close to analogue I’ve heard a CD sound at an audio show. After the song was over, Peter Breuninger commented the same. Quite an accomplishment. Next, Rene played us a jazz piece on tape that was sonically satisfying but the standout was the new DAC. Overall, the sound was effortless with very good tonal quality. Loudspeakers were Rockport’s Cygnus and cabling was Argento Audio. Of course, all of the electronics were Nagra.

    October 20

  • Toronto audio fest Audiogenca Visit us in rooms 447 & 448

    October 20

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