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Nagra SD Hi-Fi


High quality solid-state audio recorder

This kit has been assembled to give the discerning audiofile a high quality recorder and necessary acessories in a single package. Supplied in an aluminium protective carrying case, it allows exceptional recordings to be made in-the-field, as well as connection to the home audio system through the supplied cables.

Key features

Interchangable microphones

The Nagra SD HiFi accepts a range of Nagra-made extra high quality Mono (omni-directional / cardioid) and Stereo (cardioid) clip-on microphones and is delivered with the Green-band High quality Stereo microphone in the kit. The Nagra SD offers instant start-up, one button recording, automatic level control, internal loudspeaker and a low cut filter. A set of switches on the rear of the recorder give the user rapid access to several important functions without the need to enter the menus.


The Nagra SD has a miniature USB 2.0 port. Through this connection, the internal memory appears on the “desktop” as a mass storage device (external drive) of the PC / MAC and requires NO additional software or drivers.

Feature list

  • Stereo clip-on microphone
  • Tripod
  • RCA Stereo input cable
  • Built-in monitoring loudspeaker
  • Linear PCM, MP2 and MP3 formats
  • Interchangeable microphones
  • Rugged metal chassis

Technical specifications


Data Storage medium Extractable SD memory card
Recording Method Digital (PCM) or Digital compression
Compression type ISO MPEG Layer II / MPEG III
A/D & D/A conversion 24 Bit Sigma-Delta
Sampling Rate 24 to 96 kHz PCM and MPEG
Bit-Rates 32 to 384 kb/s
Mono/Stereo Switchable
File Format (.WAV) or (.MP2) / (.MP3)



Mic. Inputs Miniature  3.5mm stereo Jack connector
Dynamic range adj. 40 dB for 0 dB recording
Mic powering 3V electret
Sensitivity Min 1.5mV for electret capsules (full scale)Min 650µV for dynamic microphones(full scale)
Line Input Miniature 3.5mm stereo Jack connector
Line Input Sensitivity 33mV – 6.2V for 0 dB FS recording


Headphone Miniature 3.5 mm stereo Jack connector
Line Output 0.9V FS
Total dynamic range 80dB
Built-in speaker 0.1W
USB 2.0

Recorded file

THD + N at 1 kHz 0.025 % Max
Frequency response 30 Hz – 20 kHz (-3 dB in EE mode)
Total dynamic range 90 dB

Power supply

Battery pack 2 x “AA” cells
Autonomy >10 hours


Dimensions 107 x 68 x 24 mm (4.2 x 2 x 2.6″)(without external microphone)
Weight 250 g (0.5lb) including batteries(without microphone)



English / French / German / Spanish / Portugese / Italian

User Manual

English / French



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