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  The Nagra V-PP  
Rack Mountable Digital Recorder

Product description

This mains powered unit is designed for both studio and Outside Broadcast applications as well as long duration recordings in many differnts fields.

The file format is standard BWF and is immediately compatible with both MAC and PC systems without any additional software.

The V-PP offers a second hard disk in addition to the removable media. This internal drive can be of any capacity and serves as a back-up for removable media. The unit can be set to start recording automatically as soon as a certain audio level is received. It can be entirely controlled remotely from an external PC using the NV-COM software via its RS-422 port.
  Nagra Ares VPP
Documentation: Get the Ares-VPP documentation  English

All principle connections are located on the rear panel (except the microphone inputs located on the front panel).
All other features and functions are 100% identical to those of the NAGRA V.

Hard Drives
The V-PP works with removable Hard drive. Optionally it can be equipped with an internal Hard drive allowing back-up and mirroring features.

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