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  The Nagra V  
24 bit Linear Location Recorder


2 channels
(24 bit, 96 kHz AD / DA)
Pre-recording buffer
Post-production compatible (BWF files) LCD display
SMPTE Time Code Self-contained
Affordable medium
(2.5” Hard drive disk / Compact Flash)
Built-in matrix and MS decoder Reliable
  Nagra V
Documentation:   English French German
Product description
The NAGRA V is designed as the successor to the NAGRA IVS-TC and a replacement for R-DAT. NAGRA V is a light, compact and reliable recorder manufactured to suit on-the-shoulder / on-location engineer needs. Its extremely high audio quality makes it excellent for all types of music recordings. It can be delivered in the "single" or "double" modulometer configuration and can be completed with a wide variety of accessories. Available with an optional INTERNAL hard disc, it can be delivered with either the removable hard disk OR removable compact flash media.

Record Medium
The NAGRA V records to a removable 2.5" hard disk OR compact Flash card allowing approximately 1hour of 48 kHz 24-bit recording per GB of available disk / card space. The hard drive is mounted in a removable drawer and can simply be connected to a PC or a Mac using: USB2 / PCMCIA / Firewire adapters and can also can be plugged into a 3.5 IDE bay. The CF card slot replaces the removable bay on the top of the machine. Audio file transfer is made easy, fast and at an affordable price. Optionally the NAGRA V can be equipped with an additional internal shock-mounted hard disk. With this option permanent automatic copying can be made for back-up purposes. Other options such as Audio limiters, cases, power supplies etc are also available.

Special Features
Optional Twin drive (Additional internal hard drive)
Double modulometer
M/S decoder
Camera return input available on the headphone as well as the analogue outputs
Optional limiter board for microphone inputs (Order # 70 31113 000)
On the AES output, dithering from 24 to 16 bits for back-up on a DAT or a CD
Pre-recording User programmable up to 20 sec
Stereo monitoring on a ¼” jack plug

Technical Specifications  

Data Storage medium   Internal Hard disk and Removable hard disk / CF cards
Recording Method   Linear PCM
File type   Broadcast Wave File BWF (WAV)
A/D & D/A conversion   24 Bit Sigma Delta
Sampling Rate   44.1, 48 kHz, (88.2 and 96 kHz optionally)
Recording capacity   1hr of 24 bit 48 kHz per GB of disk / memory
Pre-recording buffer   User programmable up to 20 sec.
Level meter   Digitally driven analogue modulometer with HOLD feature

Microphone inputs  

2 x XLR (Dynamic, “T” Powering and +48V Phantom)
Expandable to 4 if required using external accessory.

Microphone input sensitivity   2, 10 and 40 mV/Pa
Line inputs   15 pin SUB “D” connector
Line input sensitivity   1.5V to 4.4V for 0 dB recording
Digital input   Using special cable on 15 pin SUB “D” connector
Input filters   “Flat”, “LFA” and “SPEECH”
External reference   15 pin SUB “D” connector or BNC. (Word clock, video etc)
Limiters (optional)   Selectable for each channel.

Analogue line output   2 x XLR (4,4V max)
THD at 1 kHz   0.1%
Dynamic range   Typical 98dB
Frequency response   30Hz to 20 kHz  (+0 dB -1 dB) at 48 ks/sec
Headphones   Stereo ¼” Jack
Mono output   Banana connectors (600 W)
Digital output   XLR AES-3 Pro
Time code IN/OUT   5 pin LEMO
M/S Decoder   Switchable
Dither   Menu selectable 24/16bits on Inputs and/or Outputs

Dimensions   290 x 220 x 115mm (11.4 x 8.6 x 4.5”)
Weight   2.75 kg (6 lb) without battery box
Quality control   Every machine is tested: 1 cycle –10°C to + 60°C for 12 hours
Power Consumption   10W
Relative humidity   From 10% to 99% (non condensing)

2031001150 NAGRA V printed user manual English edition

Internal Options
7031120000 NV-TC Time code option for NAGRA V, delivered with: QCTCU TC cable.
7031130000 NV-LIM Internal audio limiter circuit
7031145000 NV-96K High Sampling frequency option for NAGRA V

Hard Disks / Drawer
2097230000 NV-DRAW    Removable drawer for miniature Hard Disk (Empty)
7031152000 HD-40G Removable drawer including miniature Hard Disk Drive 40 GB
7031153000 HD-60G Removable drawer including miniature Hard Disk Drive 60 GB
7031162000 IHD Internal Hard drive option for NAGRA V (Incl. 60GB disk)

Powering Options
7031110000 NV-LIB    Battery box with lithium Ion battery pack, with charger circuit and manual.
2098260000 NV-LISET Replacement set of Lithium Ion battery pack 65W for NV-LIB
2031150000 NV-PSU Mains power supply for NV-LIB
7019111000 NA-BB8B Battery Box for 8 "D" cells
2097940000 NV-NTA Ambient external NP-1 battery pack adaptor

Case / Handle
2031155000 NV-CH Metal Carrying handle for NAGRA-V / ARES-C
2099185000 NV-SCC    Soft carrying case for NAGRA V / ARES-C equipped with NV-LIB battery box

Software / Adapters / Cables
7010540000 ND-PCA Adaptor RS232/422 for serial PC connection for the NVCOM software
7031100000 NV-COM PC Software for NAGRA V
2097935000 HD-PCM PCMCIA / IDE adapter from HDD to PC
2097937000 HD-USB USB2 / IDE adapter from HDD to PC
2097939000 HD-FW FIREWIRE / IDE adapter from HDD to PC
2095970000 CXLR-FM 3-pin XLR Cable male-female 1.5 m (5 ft)
2095971000 CXLR-FF 3-pin XLR Cable female-female 1.5 m (5 ft)
2095972000 ECXLR-FM 3-pin XLR Cable male-female 10 m (33 ft)
7010901000 DCR Microphone input cable DIN 3F-XLR M  1.5 m (5 ft)
7016908000 QCTC Time code cable Lemo-Lemo
7031140000 NV-CDI Digital input cable 15-pin mini “D” XLR 3-pin female 1.5m (5 ft)
2095974000 C-LIN-FF Line input cable 15-pin mini “D”  2 XLR 3-pin female 1.5m (5 ft)
2095973000 C-LIN-MM Line input cable 15-pin mini “D”  2 XLR 3-pin male 1.5m (5 ft)
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