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  The Ares-BB+  
Universal Digital Recorder


Solid State recording Menu driven
PCMCIA Compact Flash cards Long battery life
USB port Lightweight Ultra portable
Phantom powering MS decoder
Optional internal audio editor FAT 16/32 operation
Optional MPEG Compression Reliable

Product description
The ARES-BB+ is designed as a compact, high quality, solid-state easy-to-use portable digital audio recorder. Its recording media is PCMCIA of Compact Flash cards (Capacity unlimited), for the recording of PCM Mono or Stereo audio. Optional MPEG compression allows for longer recording times.
  Ares BB+

Documentation: Get the Ares-BB documentation  English

The unit can be powered by 6 “AA” (LR6) batteries, rechargeable “AA” cells or an optional lithium-ion battery pack, offering in excess of 15 hours operation. Especially suited to table-top applications thanks to it’s tilting keyboard. It can also be shoulder-hung in a carrying case for on-the-move recordings.

The ARES-BB+ can operate with any standard dynamic microphone, and +48V powering is also provided allowing the use of any commercially available condenser microphones.

The ARES-BB+ offers instant start-up, one button recording, “takes” directory, large back-lit display, powerful vortex filter, automatic level control and internal loudspeaker. Optional internal software authorizations allow the machine to record MPEG compressed audio, to emulate a Digigram PCX sound card via USB and do internal audio editing in the field.

A large choice of accessories are available, such as power supply, carrying cases, cables etc to meet specific requirements.

The ARES-BB+ offers a USB port. Through this connection, the internal PCMCIA card appears on the “desktop” as n external drive of the PC / MAC. Naturally the card can be removed from the machine and directly inserted into the workstation if required. The FAT 16/32 file system has many advantages over the previous LFS system, meaning that individual takes can be removed at any time and MARKERS can be added to recordings during both record and playback.

The ARES-BB+ works with ATA PCMCIA cards, Strata Flash cards, compact flash cards and Microdrives (The last two require card adapters).

Special Features
Automatic Level control
Remote Start / Stop feature
Automatic voice activated recording
Lockable menus
Menu templates
Built-in charger circuit
Built-in loudspeaker
Stereo monitoring on ¼" Jack
Line output connector
Internal audio editor (optional)
MPEG compression (optional)

Technical Specifications  

Data Storage medium   PCMCIA ATA cards, Compact flash cards, Micro drives
Recording Method   Digital (PCM) or Digital compression
Compression type   ISO MPEG Layer II
A/D & D/A conversion   20 Bit Sigma-Delta
Sampling Rate   16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48 kHz
Bit-Rates   64, 128, 192, 256, 384 kb/s
Mono/Stereo   Switchable and input routing
Recording Capacity   21 minutes on a 256 MB card Stereo 48 kHz, PCM
Max. Recording Capacity   132 minutes on a 256 MB card Stereo 48 kHz, 256 kb/s
PCMCIA Slot   Single type I & II
Dynamic Range Adjust   50 dB for 0 dB record (manual), 40 dB for 0 dB record (ALC)
Filters   “Flat”, “LFA”
File Format   Broadcast Wave Format (.wav)

Mic. / Line Inputs   2 XLR  connectors
Microphone Powering   48 V Phantom
Sensitivity   From 2 mV to 10 mV for 0 dB recording
Line Input   Symmetrical transformerless
Line Input Sensitivity   0.44 V to 1.4 V for 0 dB recording

Headphone   Jack 6.3 mm stereo connector
Line Output   2 XLR connectors, symmetrical transformerless
THD at 1 kHz   0.1 %
Frequency response   30 Hz – 20 kHz (-3 dB in EE mode)
Total dynamic range   80 dB

Power supply
Battery pack   6 x “AA” cells

240 mA during record (no display light)

Dimensions   160 x 168 x 56 mm (6¼ x 6¾ x 2 inch)
Weight   900 g, (2 lb)

2019615150   ARES-BB+ printed user manual English edition
2019615151   ARES-BB+ printed user manual French edition

Software options
7019672000 NP-MPEG Software option for MPEG compression algorithms
7019673000 NP-RCX Software option for DIGIGRAM RCX Emulation (Requires NS-MPEG option also)
7019674000 NP-EDIT Software option for internal audio editor

Powering options
7019640000 NB-BB Battery box for ARES-BB+ houses 6 "AA" cells (not included)
7019642000 NB-LIB Lithium Ion battery box for ARES-BB+ including Lithium pack and charger circuit (without power supply)
2019627000 NB-PSU AC Power supply, 100-240V~,47-63Hz, 12Vdc/800mA, World for ARES-BB+
2019624000   Universal Mains socket adapter

2099186000 NB-SCC Soft carrying case for ARES-BB+
2099187000 NB-SCC2 Soft carrying case WITH pocket for ARES-BB+

7019670000 NP-PCA RS232 Adapter for serial PC connection (software download)
2019669000 CP-USB USB cable (replacement)

Compact Flash cards
2097170000 C-ADAPT Compact flash card adapter ATA
2097171000 C-ATA-64 Compact Flash ATA card 64 MB
2097173000 C-ATA-128 Compact Flash ATA card 128 MB
2097175000 C-ATA-256 Compact Flash ATA card 256 MB
2097176000 C-ATA-512 Compact Flash ATA card 512 MB
2097178000 C-ATA-1G Compact Flash ATA card 1 GB
2097180000 C-ATA-2G Compact Flash ATA card 2 GB
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