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A perfect companion to the CLASSIC AMP and the CLASSIC DAC, the tube Nagra CLASSIC PREAMP builds on the legacy of the Nagra Jazz and updates it to the design philosophy of the CLASSIC range for enhanced performance.

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Nagra JAZZ

The JAZZ is a Pure Class A vacuum tube preamplifier. It boasts a fine tune balance control allowing minute differences in the stereo image to be delicately adjusted.

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The Nagra MELODY solid-state preamplifier establishes new levels in terms of sonic transparency and exactitude. Everything within its high precision electronics contributes towards musical realism.

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Nagra BPS

Battery powered and totally isolated solid-state phono stage preamplifier.

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Nagra VPS

The VPS dual input valve phono preamplifier, based on the design principles of the world acclaimed PL-P phono stage.

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